Thursday, 11 December 2014

Book Spotlight: Hello Devilfish!

Today on the blog we take a more comedic slant as I shine the spotlight on the monster mashup, Hello Devilfish! by Ron Dakron

Hello Devilfish! by Ron Dakron

A Manglish-splashed, comic, first-person account of a giant blue Japanese movie monster stingray’s attack on contemporary Tokyo and his tragic morph into human form. Epic waterfront battles! Shock pop! Destructive rampages!
And under it all, a stinging critique of contemporary culture and mainstream literature told by a master of satire. Using elements of Japanese shock pop, the story is told in a Manglish-spiced, comic narrative. Hello Devilfish! (HD) finds himself pursued by Squidra, a love-struck kaiju giant squid. She demands love—he refuses. In an epic waterfront battle, she traps HD in a human growth hormone bath that changes him into a puny human—monster to man.
HD refuses to accept his humanity, and acts like his former giant stingray self while trying to find food, shelter, romance—and avoiding the destructive rampage of his stalker squid love interest.

Hello Devilfish! is available at:

Author Bio:

Ron Dakron is the author of the novels infraNewtHammers, and Mantids. His work runs the gamut from surrealism to sci-fi pastiche, with a prose style that he describes as “haplessly Chicagoan and influenced by working class whites, African American slang, and Yiddish comedy.” His novels explore differing styles of poetic prose, from Romaticism, to cubism, B-movie satire to mangled Japanese translation.
Point No Point tagged his novels as “a cross between jive bullshit, hip-hop Henny Youngman, and full-tilt Rimbaudian street-smartass sublimity.” Raven Chronicles judged him “as sinister as a thirteen-year-old with a lighter and a keg of butane.” Publishers Weekly deemed him “a writer with a fine ear and plenty of gusto.” Born in Chicago, Dakron majored in English at Elmhurst College and Lawrence University before moving to Seattle where he worked as a street violinist and house painter, and developed a confrontational poetic performance style “drenched in faux punkery.”
He began writing novels in his late twenties, and considers himself “a proud working-class novelist who dreams up Big Lit.” Dakron currently lives in Seattle, WA.

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