Friday 5 December 2014

Book Spotlight: The Ring of Void

Today I serve up a book spotlight of dark fantasy with echoes of Japanese manga, and bring you the interesting book, The Ring of Void, and its author, Miodrag Kovachevic. Enjoy.

The Ring of Void by Miodrag Kovachevic

After his first death, Shinnosuke Yamagami became a psychopomp, a creature meant to help the deceased pass on to the Nether, the land of the dead. However, Shinnosuke's branch of work was much less poetic; his job was to hunt down runaway spirits that escaped to the mortal realm.
Now, Shinnosuke faces his second death--the death of the soul. In his final moments of existence, he recalls the stories that will remain after him; his journey with the demonic corgi Yago and his battles with spirits that spread terror amongst humans. And among those stories was Mirth, a fox creature in human form who frequently yanked the psychopomp out of his routine work and flung him into chaos. The Ring of Void is a dark fantasy novella that deals with tales left after one's demise.

The Ring of Void is available at Amazon

Author Bio

Miodrag Kovachevic is a video and board game designer born and raised in Serbia. He's had an affinity for languages his entire life and is fluent in English (with a C2 level certificate), German, Serbian and knows some basic Japanese. The Ring of Void is his first published work of fiction and reflects Miodrag's own taste in writing by being to the point and character-oriented, while having a layer of interactivity by letting the readers read between the lines.

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