Friday, 13 March 2015

Book Spotlight: Blondes, Books & Bourbon by R. M. Ridley

Today I have another spotlight, this time for the new urban fantasy anthology, Blondes, Books & Bourbon by R. M. Ridley, released today. This post is also to help support the Xchyler Publishing book bomb event for the GiveForward Grauer fund.  All royalties in connection with the debut of his White Dragon Black short story anthology are being generously donated by R. M. Ridley.

Okay, now on with the spotlight.

Blondes, Books & Bourbon by R. M. Ridley

In this collection of short stories, Jonathan Alvey continues to battle the unraveling world of the White Dragon Black.

Interview: A rare sit-down with paranormal private investigator Jonathan Alvey.

The Play’s the Thing: When a blonde woman shows up in Alvey's office, seeking protection, he uncovers more than a murder attempt.

The Cost of Custody: Alvey helps estranged parents rescue their daughter from a terrible fate.

Sins of the Father: A pawn shop owner risks it all by asking Alvey to recover property that is more than meets the eye.

Legerdelivre: There’s nowhere Richard Tomlin can hide when it comes to the controlling powers of a dusty grimoire, but can Alvey truly help him?

What a Nightmare: Little old ladies do deceive, and secretaries come dear, in Jonathan Alvey’s office.

Do As I Say, Not As I Did: Alvey must air a CEO’s dirty laundry before a company ghost destroys too much.

The Ties That Bind: Can Alvey control a poltergeist and maintain his promise to not fall victim to the Dragon Black?

Bindings and Spines: A first chapter sneak peek of the second White Dragon Black novel.

You can find Blondes, Books & Bourbon on Amazon

And check out the Facebook Book Bomb Event happening today, Friday 13th

Author Bio:

R.M. Ridley lives with his wife on a small homestead in Canada, raising a small flock of sheep and a swarm of foul. He has been writing stories, both long and short, for three decades, the themes of which range from the gruesome to the fantastical. As an individual who suffers from severe bipolar disorder, R. M. Ridley is a strong believer in being open about mental health issues because myths should be kept to stories.

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