Tuesday 31 March 2015

Book Spotlight: The Serpent's Eye

Today I'm venturing back to the dark side, with horror front and center, and shining the spotlight on the novel, The Serpent's Eye by Thomas H. Brand. Enjoy, my darklings...

The Serpent's Eye by Thomas H. Brand

When George Sandings is sent to Buenos Aires in the summer of 1816 to deal with the estate of the late Earl Edgar Leer, he sees it simply as an opportunity to prove himself to his employers and advance his career. However, as he delves deeper and deeper into the Earl's dark and immoral past, he discovers that not everything is as natural as it should be. Soon be begins to realise that something from the Earl's past, from the Earl's father's life, and from many centuries before them, is following him. Haunting him. Is this spectre real? Or is this simply a plot to undermine him? As George tries to rationalise what is happening to his life, he must decide whether the only rational answer is the irrational.


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Author Bio:

Thomas H. Brand is a writer and project manager, living and working in London. In his spare time he gets confused as it was so long since he last had any spare time he's not sure what to do with it.

Originally from Hampshire, he now lives in North London with his wife and a one-eyed ginger cat. He finds he spends more and more of his time sitting staring at the computer screen or notebook page. He loves every moment. When he isn't doing that, he can usually be found reading things other people have written instead.

Please visit www.thomashbrand.com for more information on the author and his writing.

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