Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Drabble Wednesday: Prisons

Today on Drabble Wednesday it’s all about imprisonment…

What Lurks Beneath

I remember.
I remember the frigid between of spatial dimensions. I recall the lure of pitiful stars, those beacons of past millennia. I remember the screams, how the earth trembled with my passing. I miss the stench of brimstone snaking through my orifices.
I once ruled the universe. I was a god. Fierce, cruel, vengeful. How did I fall?
That’s what I ponder, those are the memories I swirl as I languish under the waves. I have waited eons in this prison, thinking, planning. When I am free I won’t make those mistakes again.
Cthulhu will rise.
And destroy everything.


Such a long way down. And so dark.
I can’t see the shadowy bottom.
Is that why I don’t do it?
I pull my foot from the edge of the cliff, and move under the cherry tree. A few petal blossoms drift into my hair. I stare at the inky mauve sky, at the stars and the indigo moon. I wish I could fly, soar to the bosom of the heavens, to unshackle my earthy constraints.
I wish I had the courage to jump, and be free.
I hear footsteps. They’ve come looking.
“Ah, Master Echyn, your students are waiting.”


I gazed out my tower window at sunlight patterns manifesting in the morning mist. Not very entertaining, but less depressing than staring into my sparse cell. Seeing nothing but a bed, a chamber pot, four stone walls and a locked iron door could drive a soul mad.
I rarely received visitors, save for guards, so I amused myself. I looked at colours in clouds and haze, or imagined dropping my family from the tower window.
I didn't deserve this punishment. I simply did what my family asked. I gained the throne. My bad luck I got caught murdering my husband.

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