Sunday, 13 September 2015

Book Spotlight: Cross Academy by Valicity Garris

Today I have another book spotlight, this time for the dark fantasy novel, Cross Academy by Valicity Garris. Enjoy.

Cross Academy by Valicity Garris

Imagine walking outside and seeing a wall 30 meters high and 5 meters thick. This wall encircles the entire village, keeping all the citizens safe inside. What waits behind the wall?


Over half of humanity fell on Black Day when demons appeared and devoured two-thirds of the population in a single night. For 350 years humanity wages war with these creatures as they hide behind the giant walls surrounding their villages. The structures manage to keep the villagers safe, but only for so long.

There comes a day when the demons strike again and this time they're relentless. Sixteen-year-old Fox Fire witnesses the terror of the demons on the second Black Day when her village is reduced to rubble. After losing her family, Fox Fire joins Cross Academy, an institution dedicated to destroying demons. Here she devotes herself to demon-hunting but her loyalty is tested when her best friend becomes possessed. Fox must decide if she will spare her most cherished companion or give in to her demon-hunter instincts.

You can find Cross Academy at:


Author Bio:

Valicity Garris is a recent college graduate, a blogger, and a Youth Pastor. She lives with her family in Western New York and continues to write whenever she can. When she isn't writing, she's spending time with her family or doing charity work with her church. Valicity loves reading YA books and anything with dark magic.

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