Tuesday 15 September 2015

Interview With Author Sarah Sunday

Today I have a wonderful interview with science fiction and fantasy writer Sarah Sunday, author of How to Stop Wildfire and Harmonic Waves. Enjoy.

Interview With Sarah Sunday

Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Sarah Sunday, author of How to Stop Wildfire and its The Adventures of the Trinity and the One series. First and foremost, I am a world-builder. My novels are set inside this world and are part of the rich history I have constructed. The stories helped develop the world and vice versa. I love creating and imagining new concepts and details. Writing is one way of doing that.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book?

Harmonic Waves is the sequel to my debut science-fiction fantasy novel How to Stop Wildfire. It follows the journey of four characters, Cyclone, King Fla’neiel, Spellbinder, and Farrco, in trying to become the universe’s ‘divine heroes.’ To prove themselves, as no one really believes they are divinely ordained heroes, they are sent to solve a conspiracy involving planetary bombings. It is part comedy, thriller, mystery, and tragedy. There are some really funny parts, but there are also some extremely poignant sections.

How long have you been writing, and how many books have you published to date?

I’ve been writing and world building for around a decade, but only recently began to publish. Right now I have four works published, three that are part of my mythos.

Who is your intended readership?

People who love sweeping worlds: Think Tolkien and J.K Rowling. Realms and realities that you can dive in and get lost to. It is kind of Marvel like in that there is a little bit of all genres in it. I think anyone can find something they like in it, if they looked closely enough.

Why did you write this book? What was your inspiration?

The first, the truly first, draft of this book was written when I was young really young, around eight years old. It was like a parable for my future world building; it was what all these characters built from. I don’t know how or why I wrote it then, but why I rewrote it was because I felt like I needed to tell this story again, and explain it all in a way that would last. To detail it all out and have it in a form that would transcend myself. So, basically, I wrote it because I felt obligated to it. I needed to serve it as best as I could.

What did you enjoy most about writing your book?

The dialogue. Between the four main characters there is tons of potential for witty banter and humorous scenes. Having them indulge my comedic side is pure ecstasy for me. The back and forth and ludicrousness of what they are together is fantastic to write and watch it unfold and develop.

What did you hope to accomplish by publishing your book?

I want to share everything that I have built and let others enjoy it. This world and these characters are my chief passions, and I want to immortalize them and have other people experience what I have for so long.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I don’t know the exact moment I realized it; I’ve always been writing in some sense or another. Being able to take an idea I have in my mind and turn it into something real on a page feels so rewarding. I guess it was when I realized how much I loved doing that did I know that writing was for me.

Are you working on another book?

Yes! I’m working on the third book in The Adventures of the Trinity and the One. I don’t have the title decided upon yet, but I assure you it will have a ‘wind’ element, following with my elemental motifs for the other two books. It centers on Spellbinder and the titular group’s previous incarnations. Has a cosmic horror edge to it. Really like how it is turning out.

About the Author

Sarah Sunday is a passionate world-builder. Creating epic science fiction fantasy worlds and writing about them is her core hobby that has been with her for nearly a decade.
When she is not writing or obsessively writing about her story-world's background, she watches obscure movies on Netflix, reads non-fiction books, and builds with Legos.

You can find out more about Sarah and her books at these pages:

And you can find her books here:

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