Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Kings and Queens

Today on Drabble Wednesday we hobnob with royalty. Be careful or it could be off with your head…

Dark Queen Rising

She smiled, this bride of the crown prince, and placed a finger under the wine merchant’s chin. “Would you like a kiss as reward for your service?” Without waiting for an answer the raven-haired beauty kissed him, the flavour of plum and deadly magic on her lips.
The man’s last moments in the realm of the living were of bliss and a woman’s touch.
The Crown Prince emerged from his shadowed concealment, clapping. “Well done, my love. You’re certain the poisoned wine’s been delivered?”
“Oh yes. The king will drink his last tonight, and this fool will take the blame.”


Madness Reigns

In front of the throne, the bloodied bodies of his four sons sprawled across the marble floor, staining the alabaster crimson. The king surveyed his carnage, the sword in his hand still wet and red with mortality. The fingers of his other hand clutched an eldritch rune, the cause of this murderous rampage against his heirs.
A moan broke the silence of the room; one youth clung to life. With a crooked smile plastered on his face, the king moved to his living son and drew his blade across his throat. The moaning ceased in a gurgling cry of death...

(This drabble is also a snippet from a book idea I’m working on.)


The Decision

Choose an heir. Name you successor.
This was the refrain his advisors whispered in his ear.
So here he sat on his throne, his family waiting patiently.
The king looked upon his three sons with displeasure and regret. None of this trio could be called worthy, none had achieved, well, anything.
His eldest, Eric, drowned his days in wine, his brother Karl spent his hours on his knees in prayer, and Stavros looked to bed every wife in the kingdom.
Yes, his sons were disappointments.
He had no choice.
“I name Katarina, Crown Princess of the Realm as my heir.”

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

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