Wednesday 31 August 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Enter If You Dare

Today on Drabble Wednesday, I take you past barriers, through gates, and moral boundaries...

Execution of Duty

What if you were trained from birth to do one thing? One immoral act?
You’d be me.
I’ve been trained to kill someone. One particular man. And now I sit in a carriage on the way to fulfill my duty. I thought I’d be nervous, assumed I’d have reservations about committing the deed.
I don’t.
I watch the scenery pass by until we finally stop at the city gates, hailed by the sentries. My driver informs the guards we are expected.
The great gates swing open, followed by a shout, “Welcome and enter. The king awaits his bride.”
I smile.



She summoned the creature on the tangential edge of the forest, under the fading amber reflection of the day. Yesterday her small happiness vanished, swallowed by circumstance and horror, yet here she stood hesitant to act. To speak.
The voice asked again, “What would you give for vengeance?”
She stared into the raven rift, a tear slashed through light and air, and this time she answered, “Everything. My life, my soul, whatever the price.  I want this world destroyed!”
“So be it. Step through the portal, and you will set me free.”
She nodded and walked into darkness, releasing annihilation.


What Lingers

High on the hilltop, crumbled walls and broken stone remained, and the archway that once housed magnificent ironwork gates. The closing glint of sunlight fell on the ruined fortress and the unbounded wind converged with the lengthening shadows.
They await what is coming. What always comes at twilight.
Rising from the netherworld viscera of yesteryear, and the howl of bloody death, they surge into the mortal world. The great and fearsome army of the fortress. A phantom cavalry charging down the hillside, dead and screaming, all ephemera weapons and snorting horses. Their last battle, their only loss, forever their fate.

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

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