Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Strange Sports

Welcome to Drabble Wednesday, the Olympic Edition! Here you find some odd events indeed... Now on to the gold!

Pointed Competition

It’s been a hard day here in the Archery Competition at the Medieval Olympics.
The favourites, Sir Pellinore and Sir Malcolm failed to make the finals, out in the third cycle.
Now, the leading competitor Sir Archibald steps up for his last round.
He takes his shot... oh my word, I think he’s done it!
What a shot! Three serfs down with one arrow! A new world record!
Wait! One of the peasants is still writhing on the ground! We will have to go the judges for a decision.
Yes, yes! It is official! Sir Archibald wins the gold medal!


Off To The Races

Welcome to the final day of equestrian dragon racing! The five competitors are ready at the start and there’s the bell! They’re off!
It’s Windworm of Berk taking an early lead, with Tharina of Alagaësia and Baroth of Pern close on her tail! The oldest participant, Fafnir of Asgard, and newcomer Lyron of Westeros are lagging well behind the pace.
They’re rounding the first turn, and it’s still—wait! Fafnir of Asgard is attacking Lyron! She’s going down! That’s immediate disqualification for Fafnir! Now he’s breathing fire on the other racers! It’s a repeat of last year! Oh, the tragedy...


Jump For Your Life

“Things have gotten very interesting at this pole vaulting competition, Sir Wendell, with the fifth consecutive contestant killed and eliminated. I thought Giles the candle maker had a chance after he cleared the deadly moat, but the hot oil chucker at the top of the wall ended his attempt.”
“Yes, Sir Percy, too bad for Giles. Let’s see how our next athlete does, shall we?”
“Oh look, it’s Bartholomew the baker. This is his first time competing.”
“Yes, he’s having a go with only twenty minutes training.”
“Oh no, it’s the water for him. Another meal for the moat monster.”

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