Saturday 6 August 2016

Book Spotlight: The Final Life

Today I have a book spotlight on the epic fantasy novel, The Final Life by Andrew Mowere. Enjoy...

The Final Life by Andrew Mowere

It has been 10 thousand years since Odin rose as Unchained. There have been two undead gods behind him, Sklaver and Pyro. Azrael Windslayer, it is whispered, may rise too after his demise. However, the magician's life is turned upside down. Broken and alone, the man meets a young murderer fleeing his guilt.
Glint Stryger is but a bandit brat, yet hopes to join Quicksilver and serve with honor in power driven lands. When things fall apart, the young one stumbles into one eccentric necromancer.
The two band together in a fantastical journey of magic, power, as well as discovery. The first aims to better his life, while the second looks beyond, towards a happiness for mankind that had been denied him. Both hope to do their best, yet know time runs out. After all, one life is never enough.

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Author Bio:

Andrew Mowere is a forty three year old man with an interest in people and worlds. A further obsession with books lead to his current decision to become a writer. He is chaotic by nature, assured he is funny by a loving fiancé, and wishes he could live next to the ocean. His current favorite author is Rothfuss, and his last known read was "Call of Cthulhu", which was absolutely fantastic.
 The Final Life is an epic fantasy. There is really little backstory you need to know before diving in, except that the novel is heavy on magical systems, less so on romance. The first few chapters alternate their narration point. It follows a boy called Glint Stryger and a necromancer named Azrael Windslayer.

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