Saturday, 10 September 2016

Book Spotlight: Mark the Dwarf

Today, I have a book spotlight on the fantasy/sci-fi/ parody, Mark the Dwarf  by Jack Harvey. Enjoy!

Mark the Dwarf  by Jack Harvey

When Mark the dwarf goes bowling, he ends up on an enormous platform high up in the middle of nowhere. He has an encounter with some clowns from outer space, who propose a mission and a Faustian bargain for Mark for the purposes of an exchange of evil for good. With some misgivings, Mark accepts.

Mark the Dwarf is the odyssey of a dwarf through time, metamorphosis and space. After many adventures on and off the landscape of the everyday world, along with bizarre encounters with sly and dangerous aliens, Mark, refined and reborn in the crucible of his odyssey, returns to his place in the everyday world, stronger and looming larger in the terrain of his life.

Midgets and dwarfs! Clowns from outer space! Adventures with dangerous blondes! Plain and chocolate-covered writing! Linguistics, quantum physics, genetics, anthropology, animal husbandry! And there's more!

The book is directed towards those readers who have a passion for the written word and a tolerance for some more or less erudite clowning around with culture and language.

You can find Mark the Dwarf  on:

Author Bio:

Regarding the author, this is his first novel. He has been writing poetry since he was sixteen (a lot of it now accessible on the internet) and lives in a small town near Albany, N.Y. He is retired from doing whatever he was doing before he retired. He once owned a cat that could whistle Sweet Adeline, use a knife and fork, and killed a postman.

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