Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Underneath the Surface

Today on Drabble Wednesday, come explore the darkness beneath the skin...


They fear me.
My enemies. The quake at the fearsome sight of me and my blood-covered axe. They run from me on the battlefield. They tremble at the sound of my name, Gunnar the Bloody. I have slaughtered in the name of my tribe, I have slain thousands and stood on their corpses.
They fear me.
As do my fellow tribesmen. Because they know. They know I love killing. That I cannot quench my yearning for spilled blood.
They know one day I will turn on them.
That one day they will die at my hand.
They should fear me.


Secret Spot

“I have a secret place I go, a quiet spot on the ocean, past the island reef. Would you like to see it?”
I smile when he nods an enthusiastic yes. He caresses my arm, but I slink away, beckoning him to follow. We climb onto the boat and sail out into the beauty of serene waters and blue sky.
“Not much to see,” he scoffs.
I reply, “Close your eyes.”
He complies and I give a whistle.
A tentacle darts out and snatches him off the boat, dragging him under the sea.
I smile. I love feeding my pet.



I stare out the bedchamber window at my city, and beyond it my empire. One I was not born into, but inherited by marriage.
I remember my wedding day well. A lavish affair to Emperor Alphonse IV, Supreme Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Not a happy union. Both he and his lackeys think me weak, compliant. An Empress without teeth.
I’ve been scheming for years, playing the simpering wife, while building allies. Now I will play my final piece for victory. My husband will be dead by nightfall and I will be the sole ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

 © A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved 

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