Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Absurdity

Today’s Drabble Wednesday is full of nonsense and weird stuff. You have been warned...


Down on his luck and homeless, the hapless android Zippy Chinoiserie threw himself into the ocean. He expected to sink, rust, and fade into offline oblivion. Instead he heard a chirp-chattering, and suddenly found himself atop the backs of genetically modified dolphins, riding the waves like a surfer. As they whizzed along, he heard their telepathic voices in his head.
“You are the Chosen One. You will save us from the humans.”
Zippy smiled.
And so began the Age of Utopia.
At least for the androids and the dolphins. The humans were either brainwashed slaves to their overlords or dead.


Books and Other Groovy Stuff

“Um, Klaatuu, Bartholomew, Nikita.”
We stare at the book, but nothing happens.
Sally nudges me between bites of her pomegranate. “Are you sure you got the words right?”
“I dunno. The paper I wrote them down on got all smudged. And I wasn’t listening too closely when the guy at the store explained how it worked.”
“Now see that’s your problem. Why you need this Necrocominwhatis to bail you out of your failing grades. If you just studied…” She reaches into her purse and pulls out a stick of dynamite. “Let’s try this boomstick, see if that opens this thing.”


And now some more virtual adventures of Frankie and Joni...

Frankie and Joni’s Christmas Party

“What were you thinking!” I screamed at Frankie as we ran through the halls of... “What is this place?”
“Um, that I wanted to ride in the Tardis? And it’s the palace of something or other. I forget! Oh, they’re getting closer!”
“Oh, crap! What’s the Tardis have to do with our virtual Christmas party?”
“You know, bigger on the inside and all that! It made a fun venue! I mean before—” Laser fire hit the wall and he sped past me. “I didn’t think this would happen!”
“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have invited the Daleks! Now keep running!”

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