Wednesday 28 December 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Exploration

Today, on Drabble Wednesday we go exploring... into space, through dimensions and below the ocean’s surface.

To Boldly Go...

A voice reverberated through the crowd of eager scientists at NASA Mission Control.
“Discovery One has passed out of the solar system. The exploration probe is transmitting. We are receiving video communication. We will soon see what is beyond...” Abruptly the screen filled with static as the probe’s transmission ended.
“Communication is down! I repeat communication is down! We’ve lost Discovery One!”

Outside the solar system, charred pieces of metal, the remains of the ill-fated Discovery One, floated past a black, cylindrical security drone. Just one of millions patrolling the galactic quarantine perimeter of hazardous species 4BZ112~THX, native designation: human.


Quantum Phenomenon

A strange, essential human trait, but a dangerous one. At least I’ve found it so, for it led me here to a rather sizable predicament.
I’m a scientist, and you may imagine curiosity is my stock in trade. My field of study is quantum mechanics, and recently I made a breakthrough.
I found a method to generate interdimensional doorways.
Hence my current problem.
It was that last one, you see, the last door I opened. The one that led to Hell. Now I have demons trapped in the closet, and I don’t think the lock will hold much longer.


Under the Sea

They said I was mad!
They were probably right. I may indeed be quite insane. If my colleagues had been smarter, they would’ve locked me away in some deep hole and thrown away the key.
For, I found it.
Years of painstaking research, of ridicule, laughter, but I located the coordinates. I discovered the position where the city lies beneath the waves. Where He waits dreaming.
But today He shall awake.
I will pierce the black seas of infinity and rouse the beast.
He shall rise and return to this world.
The Old Gods will walk the earth once more.

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

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