Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Drabble Wednesday: Dark Feathers

Today on Drabble Wednesday we fly with our dark winged friends, and death...

The Termination Onyx

Across the sky shadows grew.
Mottled streaks of soft gray into coal black patches covered blue and spread through the white clouds. From the tip of the world to the farthest horizon the shadows crept, and when they reached around the planet, the feathers fell as rain.
Stygian dark and sharp as razors, they sliced through air and trees and flesh, and when they struck the ground the earth shook and cracked. Cities became ruin, mountains fractured, and seas boiled.
Apocalypse, the inhabitants called it.
Annihilation Day.
The Universe knew it better by another name.
The Day the Angels Died.


The Ravens

On darkling wings the ravens flew.
A black spot across the midday sun, the trio of birds soared over the meadows and the forests, past the farms and towns. Every door closed against them, every shutter barred to their presence. The people of Arajyn knew what the ravens heralded.
Every soul waited in fear for its coming.
Children sobbed, parents prayed. And gave thanks when the ravens passed them by.
Until the birds descended, roosting in a tree outside the village of Syarien. Every voice in that village wailed, knowing they had been chosen.
Sacrifices to the God of Death.


Black Wings and a Story

Tell me a story you said.
So I did.
But you didn’t like the ending, did you?
I can’t say that I blame you. I tricked you, just a bit. You didn’t know what would happen.
Now did you?
If you did, if you knew who I was, then you wouldn’t have listened.
Would you?
No one wants the Raven King to tell them a story.
For, you know, my stories are never free.
Their ending always come with a price.
Poor you. You paid, didn’t you?
You paid when I plucked out your eyes, and sliced out your tongue.

© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

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