Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Drabble Wednesday: Tears and Gods

Today on Drabble Wednesday, come cry with the Gods...


Can one tear destroy the world?
I gaze out at the rising tide. I never noticed before how dark the water is beneath the sea foam and the waves.
Can sorrow bring annihilation?
The wind is growing stronger. The trees along the shore are starting to bend, and the waves are turning to fury.
Can one teardrop defile a sanctuary?
Soon the flood will reach this place and I’ll drown with the rest of my world. The gods took their terrible revenge for my trespass, hunted me for tarnishing their sacred soil.
So can one tear destroy the world?


The Drowned Book

“Shush now. Quiet child. Don’t cry.”
“But, mother. I am afraid.”
“Why, child? You are safe here.”
“Can’t you hear the drumbeat of the rain and the persistent howl of the wind? The storms are coming.”
“Oh, child, there are no storms on the horizon.”
“But I can hear them. And the screams of the Drowned Book.”
“The Drowned Book?” She gasps, and stares at her daughter in grief-stricken horror. “Only the...” A sob whispers into pity, a tear sliding down her cheek. “Only the damned hear that accused voice. The gods are coming for you, my child. Be afraid.”



How many times had they begged, shouted that word as his ax swung?
Too many times to count.
How many tears fell as he crushed their armies, as their fellow gods died?
Enough to fill a sea, enough to drown a city.
But they shed not one tear when they demanded tribute, watched their worshipers starve. They gave no mercy of their own, but wished it from him.
He was their creature after all, fashioned from their discarded hearts and set loose to quell rebellion.
Too bad for them his mind was his own.
Now the gods scream.

 © A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved 

Please Note: Drabble Wednesday will not be posted next week due to a spotlight for a new book release. It will return the following week.

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