Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Book Spotlight: The Other One

Today, I bring you a book spotlight on Amanda Jay's debut science fiction/steampunk novel, The Other One. Enjoy!

The Other One by Amanda Jay

Ezra Orson never intended to be a murderer, but he's on the brink of discovering something that will destroy not just his family, but the world as they know it. Tom has spent his whole life barely surviving in the Underbelly of a city that runs on cogs and cables. Felix is forced to leave the safety of his home to find a twin he never knew existed. Kaelyn wants to save a child. Onyx, a nation.

But for Mliss, a clockwork city, there is very little time left. A world like a spinning coin. Two sides - never the twain shall meet. Except for when the balance is disrupted and the delicate thread, which holds everything together, starts unravelling.

The world is spinning out of control now. The Twin Faced Gods are not happy. And someone needs to stop it.

The Other One is available at Amazon

And the book will be free for its initial launch, so be sure to check it out!

Author Bio:

Amanda Jay left her hometown in Colombo, Sri Lanka when she was 18, keen to travel the world and never return. After living in the Californian Bay Area and the British countryside, she is now eating her words back at her beautiful, sunny island.
Amanda works as a corporate trainer, heads the communications department at her insurance startup, and spends an unfortunate amount of time daydreaming about when she can take a nap (there’s one scheduled for next summer, hopefully). The Other One is her first novel. She has no idea what her second novel will be about. But she intends to start working on it right after her nap.

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