Thursday 27 April 2017

Book Spotlight: The Dread Lords Rising

Today I have a book spotlight for everyone, on the fantasy novel The Dread Lords Rising by J. David Phillips. Enjoy!

The Dread Lords Rising by J. David Phillips

Centuries ago, the human race was nearly crushed in its struggle to defeat the evil forces of Aboleth. Led by a powerful order known as the Valier, humankind prevailed, but at a terrible price. In their desperate attempt to achieve victory at any cost, the Valier fell and became a curse on civilization known as The Dread Lords.
Time has passed. The world has moved on. The Lake Valleys of Sheridan has known peace for centuries. Only, for Niam Maldies, life has been anything but tranquil.  All of his life he has been hounded by a gang of ruthless bullies; and to make matters worse, a year ago, his brother and sister died in a mysterious accident that left him reeling in pain.
When Niam hears a mysterious Voice that leads him into a series of dangerous situations, he and his two best friends are set on a collision course with an evil sorcerer. As the three friends struggle to uncover the culprit behind a string of ghastly and supernatural murders, they discover a greater plot that may spell doom for their homeland. Now they must rely on the strength of their friendships if they are to survive, for they were born in fulfillment of a dire prophecy: The Dread Lords must rise once again if mankind is to survive its most ancient and implacable enemy.

The Dread Lords Rising is available on Amazon

Author Bio:

J. David Phillips lives in on the Atlantic coast in beautiful Southport, NC, where he currently divides his time between writing and working in the local school system. He graduated from Western Carolina University with a BA in English, and earned an MA in English from UNC Pembroke. The Sorcerer's Fury, sequel to The Dread Lords Rising, will be out by December 25th. I Scream of Genie, the first novel in the comic fantasy Demon's Playground series will be arriving on June 3rd.

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