Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Drabble Wednesday: Nasty Things

Today on Drabble Wednesday, take a journey to the darkest underbellies of worlds beyond this realm...


The oblique glances, the careful sidestep to avoid me on the street.
I see it. I see it all.
They are afraid. As well they should be, for I could snuff out their pitiful lives with ease. I am the creature society shuns, the thing those supposed upstanding denizens consider undesirable.
Until they need me.
Then they slink into my presence to toss their gold at my feet and give me the names of those they want killed. They hire their assassin and I do my work.
Then I kill the true undesired and drink my fill of their blood.


Imagined Things

Skitters in the shadows, incoherent whispers lost in the dark wind, thumps that make you walk faster, have you casting glances into the night. You scoff, while shivering. Your pulse races as you scold yourself. Only in your imagination. Not real. Just the mind playing tricks.
What if it isn’t in your head?
What if something truly lurks in the dark?
Because we do.
Bumps, bangs, and bogeymen. Skulking, creeping, coming out to play when the sun goes down.
We are behind you. Following you.
Waiting for the right moment.
And you won’t be going home tonight.
Or ever again.


The Ruling Elite

Everyone falls from grace. Sooner or later.
Riding high one day and in the gutter the next. I’ve seen them all.
The nature of this cesspool kingdom. Kings and queens think they can hold on to their power, but it don’t last. They lose their grip on the crown and they’re gone. And someone else’s ass is sitting on the throne. Until they get the boot. Or the ax.
Yeah, they all fall out of favour.
Or get pushed.
That’s where I come in. My specialty that.
For the right amount of gold.
A gal’s got to make a living.

© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

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