Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Drabble Wednesday: Frankie and Joni Continue

In a continuation of last week’s adventures Frankie and Joni return with more strange tales of virtual reality programming...

Aftermath of the Monkeys (Sea Ghouls and Zombies)

“Frankie, I can’t believe the company wants a simulation based on what happened last week.” I sighed, a headache forming. “Monster Combat. Sea ghoul vs. zombies vs. flying monkeys.”
“And don’t forget the puppets.”
Ignoring him, I continued. “At least these creatures won’t be real. I had nightmares until the last of those monkeys went home.”
I didn’t like the sound of that. “Frankie? Did you keep one?”
“A little one. I’m training him to run errands.”
I stared, my headache pounding. Frankie looked at me with sad eyes. I capitulated. “Fine. But I’m not cleaning the monkey poo.”


Monster Combat?

Stupid Frankie and his stupid monkey.
Grumbling under my breath I tossed a large bag of monkey poo into the incinerator. If the darn thing wasn’t so good at fetching our lunch orders I’d—
“Hey! You’ll miss it!” I turned at Frankie’s shout, and raced back to see the new game boot up on the monitor.
“Let’s get ready to Ruuumble!”
I rolled my eyes. “Stop clowning and watch for glitches.”
“Hmmm. That’s odd. They’re, um, dancing.”
“What?” I started at the screen. Ghouls, monkeys, zombies and puppets danced a jig.
“Maybe I shouldn’t have programmed Riverdance into the soundtrack?”


Virtual Therapy and Love

“I can still see it. The horror... you can’t imagine the sight of a zombie waltzing with a puppet.”
“Tell me, how did it make you feel? Did— zztzzttzzz
I looked up at the grating noise. The holographic image of Freud jumped, and then frizzed out. Frankie stood waiting by the VR chamber door.
“Why did you stop my program?!”
“Um, we may have a problem. Zippy’s in love.”
“Zippy? Oh, yeah, your flying monkey. Wait, what? It’s in love?”
“With one of the puppets. I think they’re planning on eloping.”
Shit. I’m going need more therapy after this escapade.

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