Wednesday 19 October 2011

Excerpt of Horror

Another tale of horror is being told today, with an excerpt from my book Once Upon a Dark and Eerie...
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So, I offer up for your reading pleasure a story of a werewolf and its hunter: 

Come the Moon

Only the bare bones remained. 

The kill I had left behind me was just like the others.  The body had been chewed clean of the flesh, all the meat that was once a mother of two stripped away and eaten.  Her existence had been reduced to a pile bones with bite marks.

I really hate werewolves.

I had been tracking this particular werewolf for three lunar cycles, being witness to his killing spree, with nine dead bodies left like a trail of bloody breadcrumbs.  I watched the aftermath of his murderous rampage, as the families of his victims learned the worst truth.   I said prayers for wives, husbands, brothers, and daughters and beheld all the tragedy and the sorrow.   Pain and guilt were becoming very familiar.
I had been hunting werewolves and beings like them a long time, but this one...this one was special, personal.  I needed to make sure I could end the hunt.  If I couldn’t, I wasn’t certain I could live with the consequences.  I pulled every skill out of my bag of tricks, but until tonight I had always been one step behind.  The beast had made a mistake and left a trail.  I might have missed saving his latest victim, but I had finally traced his lair.

Tonight I was my chance to kill the beast and put an end to this misery.

The creature had retreated to an old abandoned shed at the edge of the woods he had made his killing ground.  It was some old storage hut, paint peeling, one side dented, with every window broken.  I was downwind so he couldn’t smell me, looking for a decent way to sneak in, but there wasn’t one; he would know I was coming.  I’d get one shot at him before he tore me to shreds.
I loaded the rifle before I went in for the kill, with a full clip of custom-made silver bullets.  I set up in a good vantage point, took a deep breath and waited; he would come for me as soon as he caught my scent.
It didn’t take long.  A few minutes, and I had a raging hungry werewolf lunging full force across the ground, intent on killing me.  I could see the red eyes through the scope, the slavering jaws, hear those animal howls.  I pulled the trigger, once twice, three times.
The bullets hit home, tearing straight into the brain, pulsing the silver poison into his system.  The beast went down, twitching, convulsing and then it was still.  I walked over to the body, rifle ready, but it was dead.  Jack was dead.
I wanted to cry, looking at him, that bleeding, monstrous corpse I once knew as a laughing, fearless human.  We had hunted together, stalked the predators, those things that go bump in the night, the nightmares most people believe are just pretend.  But that was when he was human, before one of those things turned him.
That was when he was still my husband.

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