Monday 17 October 2011

Introducing Coffin Hop

Turn On the Lights and Hide Under the Covers! 
The Coffin Hop Starts Soon!

This Blog Hop Horror Fest starts Oct. 24th and runs until Oct 31st, with scares aplenty.  I've signed up for this bouncy blog tour and until the end of the month you will be bombarded with all things horror and Halloween!

 A sneak peek at some of my goodies:

  • I will celebrate some of the villains I've created for my readers
  • I'll  post excerpts from  my books
  • The character from Victorian Shadows, the demon Balthazar, stops by for an interview (This will be the actual Oct 24th Coffin Hop post)
  • Author Coral Russell stops by for an interview and to talk about her paranormal/horror books
  • Gordon Kessler, author of the horror thriller Jezebel, guest blogs for Halloween

For today's offering, I give you an excerpt from my new book, Ruined City.  While not a horror book (it's more of a dark fantasy) this particular sample will curl your toes (I hope):

Excerpt from Ruined City:

I sniff the air.  The wind is ripe with the stink of human scent and I follow the smell.  I meld into the night’s shadows and slither along the streets.
I see them through the darkness, walking, laughing, touching.  It is disgusting.  I will enjoy killing this repulsive pair.
I pace them, stalking.  I growl to unnerve them.  They stop, afraid, and I step into the light so they might see me.
The female shrieks and the male yells and then they run.  Silly, silly humans, do they not know I like to give chase.  I even give them a generous head start to be fair.
The man is quick, faster than the woman; he manages to get inside a structure before I catch them.  He leaves the female outside pounding and grasping at the door and yanking at the latch.  She is shouting to be let in, but it is too late.
I pry her fingers from the wood and toss her into the street where I snap the bones in her legs so she cannot run. I adore her cries of pain and the mask of agony on her face.  I leap on top of her body and she beats at me with a futile flailing of her tiny fists.
“Get away from me!  Get away!”  Her foolish shrieks whet my appetite, and I slice through her yielding skin with my claws.  I drip her warm blood on my tongue; she tastes good. I slice a fleshy piece of her arm as she screeches and cries.  I chew slowly, to enjoy my first taste of her meat.

For more on the participants in Coffin Hop scroll down to the bottom of this blog and check out the official  list.

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