Saturday 4 October 2014

The Release of Killers and Demons II: They Return

Today's the Big Day!

Killers and Demons II: They Return is officially released!

Evil is back, with a greater appetite for death. 


They lurk forever in the shadows, smile at you in the morning, and haunt your dreams at night. You can’t hide, you can’t run, and there’s no escape. You can only scream when they come for you.

Killers and Demons II: They Return is a collection of thirteen tales, blending short stories and flash fiction, tales where the blood lingers on your tongue or spurts quickly from the swift cut.

The Villainous Roster:

Wade, every parent’s nightmare
Hannah and Mr. Greeley. Who is the victim and who is the villain?
Simon and Zoe, a married couple who are dying to be single again.
Norman and his "cookie" of a wife, Mabel.
Millicent and Jane, a delightful duo you shouldn’t invite to your Regency tea party
Amanda, who literally has a skeleton in her closet
Balthazar, the demon bounty hunter on the hunt once more.
Sarah, a young woman going through some changes and craving new tastes
Emmeline, hanged as a witch, now back from the dead for revenge
Gabrielle, a woman haunted by shadows
The Dollmaker, she showers death, and an umbrella won’t help
Nightmare Demons, bent on driving a town insane

And then there’s Alice, a little girl locked in the basement by her Daddy…

Together they form a spine-chilling cadre of predators.

Available at:

And join the celebration on Facebook this afternoon at 2 PM EST: 

And as part of the launch event, here's some trivia about the book:

Killers and Demons II: They Return Trivia:

  • The book is a sequel to Killers and Demons, and the character of Balthazar appears in stories featured in both books.
  • Eleven of the villainous characters are female, or demons with a female appearance.
  • Five different time periods are represented in the book: Medieval, Regency, Colonial, Victorian, and today's Modern Era.
  • Two of the stories, Up From the Ground and Shadows, were inspired by pictures.
  • Relationships play a large part in the book. There are three stories about couples, one about a paid relationship, two with relationships that ended badly, and a strange tale of possession. Plus, there are some dysfunctional family matters peppered throughout the book. And of course, they all have a body count.
  • The original title for my story, "The Dollmaker", was "The Rain Child".

Also, for the month of October, I'm offering the first book in the series, Killers and Demons for free on Smashwords:

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