Friday, 17 October 2014

Welcome to Legion: A Kickstarter Campaign

Today I bring you something a little different, a spotlight on a Kickstarter campaign for the horror novel, Welcome to Legion. First, I'll showcase the campaign itself and some concept art, then a blurb about the novel. Enjoy. 

Horror writer launches Kickstarter campaign to fund self-publication of supernatural horror novel

Clinton Herigstad, author of Welcome to Legion is launching his first novel with the help of For the month of October, pledges are being accepted to help fund the self-publication of the physical, electronic, and audio versions of his supernatural horror novel. Funding is also being used toward the marketing and promotion of his first literary work.
Clinton Herigstad has also created a short film for his book with the help of local Traverse City photographer Tyler Franz. The film has been edited into a book trailer for the purposes of the Kickstarter campaign and general promotion. The trailer includes a monologue talking about the project, concept art created by various artists, and music by local beat maker Dman.

The footage was recorded in a ghost town near Glen Arbor Michigan. The abandoned house used in the film had a dirt floor cellar that is accessible through a trap door in the bathroom… creepy. 

The novel cover is being commissioned by artist Mathew Phillip Hansen.

In addition to pre-ordering a copy of the novel, Clinton Herigstad has included a limited option to be inserted into the book as a character. Certain characters in the book whose names aren't pivotal to the books integrity will have their names replaced by all backers who pledge at that reward tier. There is also an option to have a short story added to the back pages of special one of a kind, hard cover copies of the book. These stories will be created after the campaigns success, by interviewing the backer about their worst nightmares or fears. The end result will be a signed hard cover copy of Welcome to Legion with a tailor made short story ranging between 5 and 10 thousand words or more. At the highest pledge tier up to two backers can fund a book signing in their home town. Clinton Herigstad has agreed to fly or drive to the location of the backer’s choice to do a book signing at the best location possible.

“I have been a fan of horror from a young age. Around the age of 9 I watched Pet Semetery and was horrified. That feeling was what drove me to ponder all sorts of things in the realm of the macabre. I have developed my sense of horror writing with inspiration from the scholarly works of the usual suspects, Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, E.A. Poe, William Peter Blatty, and others. My love of the cinema has also deeply influenced my writing and inspired me in the creation of my trailer.” – Clinton Herigstad

There are several more projects that Clinton Herigstad plans on creating in the near future including short stories, novels and other entrepreneurial ventures. 
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Welcome to Legion

Leo Alfassi, an earnest, hardworking guy just trying to do the best he can for his small family was suddenly offered a better job in a different state, in a new town…the town of Legion.
Leo doesn't realize the chain of events leading to this exodus have been entirely orchestrated by an unseen force; a vile, putrid force. She is an old evil from ancient times when the world was new, at the very dawning of mankind. This hatred was born in the fury of a woman scorned, with seething vengeance, the kind of which no word has ever been written to describe.
If you are brave of spirit, follow Leo as he begins his new life in the Town of Legion with his pregnant wife and small daughter. Welcome to Legion, a small town surrounded by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Welcome to Legion, where time seems to have stopped, where no children play in the streets, where history is secret and shrouded…where no one from outside Legion seems to notice for some reason.
Welcome to Legion, where the sinister, unspeakable truth of why Leo and his family have been brought here will soon become painfully evident. Meet the unholy terror that is behind it all…read on daring soul, though your mind’s eye may be painted with images that cannot be washed away for some time. Welcome…Welcome to Legion.

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