Friday, 12 February 2016

#‎B2BCYCON Book Spotlight on Anaerfell

Today I have another Brain to Books Cyber Convention author feature. Remember, this great event for authors and readers alike is coming to Goodreads this April, on the 8th, 9th and 10th. Be sure to check out all the details and pertinent links for the event here:

Now on with the main event, our Brain to Books author feature.

Today I have a great spotlight on the dark fantasy novel Anaerfell by authors Joshua Robertson and J.C. Boyd.

Anaerfell by Joshua Robertson and J.C. Boyd

Drast, cunning but reckless, is on the hunt for admiration. Tyran, calculating but tactless, is in search of affection. Bound by a friendship thicker than blood, the two brothers have been hardened by their father’s ambitions. Drast and Tyran are forced to set aside their own hopes and dreams during their struggle to fulfill their father’s desire for immortality. The two will face skin-switchers and dragons, ultimately leading to a final clash with Wolos, God of the Dead.

Anaerfell is available at:

Author Bios:

Joshua began crafting the world for the dark fantasy saga, Thrice Nine Legends, in 1999. Start the saga with Anaerfell, and then read the first two novels in The Kaelandur Series: Melkorka and Dyndaer. Joshua currently lives in Alaska with his wife and children.

J.C. lives in the Midwest with his wife and two dogs. He has recently earned his MA in English Literature and continues to craft his own dark fantasy world. Before he had completed junior high, J.C. had received his first box set of Dungeons & Dragons and devoured the J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. He has had a passion for the fantasy genre ever since.

I'd like to thank  the authors for sharing their book today, and be sure to check out the book at the convention this April.

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