Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Something Wicked Comes This Fae

Today Drabble Wednesday belongs to the Dark Fae…

The Old Path

Shall I tell you a story?
Whisper it in your ear?
Of the faeries you sought, of fair Oberon and Titania? Shall I sing a song of faerie circles in the woods, and immortal creatures who dance?
No. They are all lies.
In truth, the Fae are dark and cruel hunters, and you should not have come looking for our kind. But I believe you know that, trussed as you are, and offered up like the fattened pig.
What will happen now, you ask?
Well, my poor little seeker, you will bleed, and you will die, and we will feast.



His footsteps crunched the autumn leaves along the trail as he wandered the shadowy forest, and the mist-covered hill country. The sun settled past the horizon, and exchanged kisses with dusk, but his flashlight shone through the gloom.
He smiled, remembering the warnings.
“The hills aren’t a place you want to go at night.”
“That place will play tricks.”
“It’s bad luck to go there after dark. The faerie live in those woods.”
He chuckled.
Such fools, with their cautions.
As if he didn’t already know. Hadn’t the faerie, his kin, sent him to choose the mortals they would harvest.


Faerie Song

In the black depth of night, as the moonlight plays, and the mist it swirls in gentle greys, I’ll sing my song to turn her head, and lure the lass from her warm, soft bed. She’ll yield to my call, and leave kith and kin, she’ll dance in my arms, succumb to my grin. She’ll tread the path blazed in my wake, and give me everything I wish to take.
From these mortal worlds we’ll steal away, oh, I’ll lead the girl far and well astray. She’ll end her days in my wicked abode, lost forever down the Unseelie road.

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

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