Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Book Spotlight: Kovu Part Two by Kenneth Fultz Jr

Today I bring a book spotlight for the manga style, fantasy book, Kovu Part Two by Kenneth Fultz Jr.  You can check out the spotlight I did for Kovu: Part One here: Book Spotlight: Kovu: Part One by Kenneth Fultz Jr.

Kovu Part Two by Kenneth Fultz Jr.

A dethroned prince must gather the ten rings of the kings to save his people from the corruption of the rich and powerful. 

The dethroned Prince Kovu and friends continue his quest to become the next king of Eden. Along the way to Zuriel  they discover new secrets about themselves and the true danger they face as enemies show up from all sides to destroy them. Meanwhile Prince Dayo continues his quest to discover the truth about the country as he slowly works to rise into the good graces of his father. 

Kovu Part Two is available on:

An illustration from the book

Book Trailer

Author Bio:

Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. born in Columbus, Ohio. Since a child had a strong interest in both anime and writing. Kenneth's first novella, "Warriors of Matrimony", dealt with gender roles and marriage while his second book "Destruction of Sweet Creation" deals with how relationships shape who we are and the image of age. Kenneth plans to get into turning his stories into graphic novels at a later date.  

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