Monday, 2 May 2016

Book Spotlight: Sonny

Today on the blog, I bring you a book spotlight for the newly released horror/thriller, Sonny by MJ Mulholland. Enjoy...

Sonny by MJ Mulholland

Meet Sonny – quiet, simple, murderous – and all he wants to do is join the club.
He is taken under the wing of a professional in the field of torture and murder, and is tested and shown the bloody horror of the house he will now inhabit.
Sonny meets the rest of the team, and soon realises that he needs to be careful if he is going to survive at all inside a house of murderers and helpless victims, where being dead becomes a luxury.
But there is one thing to remember – you are Sonny, and Sonny is you.

Are you what you first appear to be?

Sonny is available at:

Author Bio:

MJ Mulholland was born out of love for the horror genre and the need to push the limits of what horror is. He enjoys the quiet, he enjoys the dark, and with his pen and paper he weaves monsters that his counterpart doesn't dare to even look at. In his spare time, he watches you.

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