Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Cold Revenge

Today on Drabble Wednesday, I serve up a dish best served cold… Revenge.

Country of Shadows

In the darkness I fume, in the blackness I scheme... mine enemies best beware. Revenge is best served bloody.
I still feel their sharp blades, cutting, cutting, draining my blood, my life. They left me to stain the marble and die. I saw their looming shadows as I took my last breath.
Death did not finish me, though.
I yet exist.
Somewhere between, in this eternal night.
Somewhere in the shadows of what I once called home.
I see them. I will haunt them.
I will ruin them.
Then I will see their blood run free to stain the marble.


Absinthe in the Rain

I stand on a Paris street in the rain.
I can hear the soft strains of happy laughter, and faint music from the Moulin Rouge.
I am waiting.
He will come to me this time.
It has been a year since he abandoned me, abandoned our grand plan. But I did not give up. I succeeded. Now he will be the fool, as he once called me.
He walks up the road. He sees me in under the street light. My men shoot him dead.
I watch his body fall, the bottle of absinthe he held smashing on the cobblestones.


Dollhouse of Death

“Stop squirming.”
But the miniature man keeps wriggling, so I squeeze, just a bit, to make my point. I hear a tiny crack, and a small high pitched scream.
Oh dear, I’ve broken him. No matter, he’ll be dead soon.
I shrug and place him in the doll house, on the small braided rug. He cradles his arm and moans.
The two others stay huddled in the corner. I think they’re still in shock from my spell. And yesterday’s killing. I did a public execution with a working guillotine.
Their own fault, really. They should not have double-crossed a witch.

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved


lauire said...

A tasty trio, if you have a lust for the red. (Laurie was my sister. Hence the name on the account)

A. F. Stewart said...

Thanks. You know me, always like spilling the red stuff.

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