Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Fairy Tale News

Today on Drabble Wednesday we travel back to Fairyland with more news bites…

Breaking News From FTN

Spider Bramble and my co-anchor, Aurora Gossamer here, coming to you with the latest news and buzz from Fairyland.  Our top stories include...

Construction of the new Swamp Habitat and relocation of the homeless trolls under Cinnamon Swirl Bridge went smoothly, with all trolls moving to their new location peacefully.  Early negotiations saw the release of the hostage Billy goats, and while no charges were laid in that incident, after the relocation an official apology was issued by a troll representative. This following statement was broadcast earlier:
We’re terribly sorry for any hostilities, and the abduction of innocent goats. Old habits, and all that. We let anger and frustration rule. Humble apologies to the poor goats.  And all thanks for our new home.

In other news…

The construction bids for the new Fairland Metro Police Station closed today, with the winning contractor being no other than the new Three Pigs company Bad Wolf Construction. This is the first city contract for Squealer, Wiggly and Curly Tail Pig, and they had this to say: “We hardily thank the city for awarding us the bid, and we will do our best by the boys in blue and build them a fine new police station.”
Bad Wolf Construction has gained a sterling reputation since its inception from family tragedy, and the ground-breaking for the new building begins next month.

Now over to the entertainment desk with Lucinda…

I’m Lucinda Lovedust with the latest updates in entertainment.
The much anticipated Wonderland Camelot Festival happens next week, and Fairyland is already agog with the early influx of celebrity from those two neighbouring realms.  Alice and the Mad Hatter have been seen squiring about town, still canoodling like newlyweds and sampling Fairyland cuisine.  Camelot’s playboy, Lancelot, has been setting hearts aflutter in every hotspot in town, along with close chums Gawain and Tristan.  So far the trio have behaved, with none of the bar brawls that marred their last visit, despite a minor altercation with the infamous Hansel and Gretel.


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