Thursday, 23 February 2017

Book Spotlight: The Magnum Opus

Today I have a delight treat with the spotlight on the fantasy novel, The Magnum Opus by Christopher and Christine Kezelos. This novel is a continuation of an award-winning short animation film called The Maker, so in this book's case the film came before the novel. Enjoy.

The Magnum Opus by Christopher and Christine Kezelos

In a time and world long ago forgotten, there existed an enchanted workshop. Within its walls, a magical creature called a Maker busily created the next of his kin. Upon completion, the creator was whisked away to join the rest of the Maker community. Meanwhile, their progeny was left alone to create the next Maker in a never-ending cycle of creation. 

That was, until the day an offbeat Maker named Ario was unable to complete The Making and broke their sacred chain of existence. Wracked with guilt, Ario embarked on a quest to right his wrong, but what he discovered was far more monstrous and miraculous than anyone ever imagined.

The Magnum Opus is available on Amazon

Book Trailer

About the Authors:

Christopher and Christine Kezelos are a husband and wife filmmaking duo based in California, USA. Their shorts Zero and The Maker received 37 awards on the international film festival circuit and have been viewed over 20 million times online. The Magnum Opus is inspired by The Maker and is their first foray into long-form storytelling.

You can watch their films at

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