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The Bloody Valentine Horror Event: Wedding Day

It's that time of year again, the time to embrace the bad side of love: the rejected lovers, the spurned spouses, and the generally lovelorn. It is a celebration of everything anti-valentine and down with romance. It's time for...

The Bloody Valentine Horror Event!

This is my annual Facebook/Blog Event for everything anti-valentine. This is an open posting extravaganza so anyone can join in on the macabre fun. And today's blog portion is a horror tale of the wedding from Hell...

Wedding Day

Noah remembered the nightmare. The stone room. The monstrous creatures.
The pain.
He remembered screaming.
And now... the soft comfort of his bed.
I’m awake. I’m awake. It’s over.
He lay in his bed, his heart racing, and stared at his bedroom ceiling. He counted the grooves in the cornices and the decorative plaster roses until his breathing eased and the fright subsided. Then he turned his head, and glanced at the window; slivers of the morning sun crept past the half-open drapes. His new wedding attire hung carefully on a rack beside the casement. Ready. Waiting.
I’m getting married today.
He smiled. Becky.
He sat upright, and then climbed out of bed. As his feet touched the ornate rug, pain stabbed into his back and he tumbled to the floor. Agony sliced through his body and he shrieked, his eyes shutting tight. His body spasmed, and then curled into a ball. He felt a cold hand stroking his cheek, and Becky’s voice whispered, “Don’t fight it. Let the pain take you. Let go...”
The words chased him into oblivion.

Noah heard voices.
“Get him up. It’s time.”
“He’s ready?”
“He’s been prepared. Anymore and he might die.”
“You’re right. These humans are so fragile.”
Humans? Who’s talking? What’s happening to me?
Noah didn’t want to open his eyes, but he did.
Fangs, horns and red eyes stared at him. Clawed hands held his limp body upright. His noticed his shirt was missing, and his skin... what he could see of his body was covered in arcane tattoos.
What have they done to me!  
Noah screamed. He thrashed in the strong grip of his captors.
“Hold him still! Pin his arms! We need to deliver him on time!”
Noah fought, but he had no strength. He could not prevent them from dragging him from his cell.
“Please let me wake up,” he mumbled as unconscious darkness claimed him.

Noah heard music. He opened his eyes.
He stood in front of an altar in his wedding suit. Becky walked down the aisle towards him.
It was just a nightmare. I’m getting married. To my sweet, adoring Becky.
He smiled as his bride stopped in front of him. She lifted her hand and stroked his cheek. He couldn’t stop staring at her.
Noah heard a voice say, “Do you take this female to be your wedded wife?”
“I do.” he replied.
“And do you take this male human to be your wedded husband?”
“I do.”
Noah’s heart raced.
“Then I pronounce you bonded in unholy matrimony! One in blood and in fire for eternity!”
Wait that’s not right. Why would he say that? Noah’s hands trembled, his body shook.
Becky stroked his cheek once more. “Shut your eyes, Noah. And remember.”
Noah dutifully closed his eyes.
Pain shuddered through his body.
Becky’s voice commanded, “Open your eyes, Noah!
His eyelids snapped open. The church, the music, the beautiful wedding, disappeared. Replaced by him tied spread-eagled to iron spikes, encircled by fire and monsters.
But Becky, his beautiful Becky, still stood in front of him.
Still dressed in her wedding... the light shifted, her face changed. Became— Noah gasped.
No, no! That’s not Becky! Red skin, horns, fangs... That thing can’t be... but it has her eyes, her beautiful green eyes.
You can’t be Becky!”
“Oh, but I am. The very one you fell in love with. And married, only moments ago.” The thing that was Becky stepped closer, and stroked his cheek, her claws scratching his skin. “But it is nice to finally show you my true self.” She smiled, her rows of razor-sharp teeth glistening in the firelight. “Hello, husband. Time to kiss the bride.” Noah nearly gagged as she kissed him, her forked tongue flicking down his throat. As she withdrew, the same tongue licked across his lips. Noah shuddered. “No, no, it can’t be.” The whisper resonated in the air, like a mocking chuckle. “We were—this isn’t—the church—our wedding...”
“Sorry, love. All illusions conjured by your mind. You’ve been here for months, my dear."
“Hell, of course. Since the day you asked me to marry you. Or rather asked that human skin I fabricated.” She traced a claw over his tattooed skin. “It takes time to make a human ready.”
“Ready?” Noah’s voice trembled. “Ready for what?”
“To wed a demon.” She smiled, her tongue licking his neck, her claws scraping across his chest. “These symbols bind you to me, bind you to Hell.” She pressed her face next to his; he felt her hot breath wash over his skin. “You are mine, Noah. Our little ritual will bring me great power, and you great pain. Welcome to married life, my love. Welcome to unholy wedded bliss!”
Noah felt something sharp stab into his abdomen, his agony ripping a shriek from his throat. He glanced down to see his wife's claws piercing his body.
"Does that hurt, husband? Too bad, for what wedding would be complete without a feast? Shall we start with your spleen?" She sliced open his stomach and extracted his organ. She took a bite and ate it slowly while he watched. "Very tasty. Perhaps the liver next?"
"Please, please, no!" He moaned, pleading for mercy.
"Shh, shh, Noah." She stroked his cheek and he shied at her touch. "Don't worry, my love. Nothing I do here will kill you. That's what the binding is for. I will eat your insides piece by piece and fill your hollow shell with Hellfire. Then you will be one of us. Won't that be fun?" With a smile, she reached back inside of his abdomen. "Yes, I definitely think the liver, next."
Noah’s unending scream echoed on the trail of her laughter.

© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved 

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Anonymous said...

Great story!

A. F. Stewart said...

Thanks, Lee.

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