Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Drabble Wednesday: Under the Cherry Tree

Today on Drabble Wednesday we sit under the shade of a tree and wait. Death is coming...


The rustle of a silk kimono and the flutter of a painted fan chased the whisper of the wind. She moved with the night to linger under the perfumed beauty of the cherry tree. She closed her eyes, and breathed in the subtle fragrance of the blossoms.
He will be here soon.
Soft footsteps echoed her thoughts. She smiled and opened her eyes, but saw only darkness. Then a hand touched her shoulder.
He’s here. My love is here.
“I’m sorry.”
Pain sliced into her back as his knife stabbed. She fell to the ground, petals falling across her corpse.


The Walk

“Come for a stroll with me, Eliza.”
The beautiful woman smiled at her would-be beau and nodded. She twirled her parasol and they walked the woodland path arm in arm. Their laughter could be heard as they disappeared from view.
But Eliza came home alone.
“Walk with me, Eliza. Just down to the old mill pond.”
Another beau with love struck eyes. Another nod. Again, Eliza came home alone.
“Shall we stroll, Eliza?”
She nodded, and they meandered down to the mill pond. And like the others, Eliza shot him under the cherry tree.
That’s why Eliza comes home alone.


Sunrise, Sunset

The smell of cherry blossoms and the view of a tangerine sunrise.
Who could ask for a better end?
I’m alone in the orchard, where it all began so long ago. Where I met you and fell in love. Despite your deception. It never mattered to me. I accepted who you truly were, accepted the gifts you offered. I’ve no regrets.
But you are gone now. Back to dust and death. Lost forever.
I am alone, here in our orchard.
But only until the sun rises to its full glory. Then I too will be dust.
Just another suicidal vampire.

© A. F. Stewart 2017 All Rights Reserved

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