Monday, 20 February 2017

WiHM Blog Talks: Roh Morgan And Her Weapons of Choice

Today, I am pleased to be playing host for Women in Horror Month Blog Talks, organized by author W. J. Howard, where female writers discuss different aspects of horror. My guest today is author Roh Morgan and her topic is...

 Weapons of Choice

Roh Morgon writes fantasy and horror for middle grade, young adult, and adult readers. She’s best known for her vampire series that begins with Watcher: Book I of The Chosen.

When I first read the topic for today’s post – Choice of Weapons – my initial thoughts were of the fangs and claws wielded by the creatures in Watcher: Book I of The Chosen and my other stories in the series.

I mean, what could be more primal than tearing the throat from an enemy — or a victim — using the deadly tips of one’s own fingers? The sweeping slash, the parting skin, the spray of blood arcing in a crimson fountain to paint the air itself. Or perhaps a rapier-like thrust to bury five daggers deep, then the squeeze to crush the airway as its gore pulses down.

Even more intimate would be the fatal kiss of one’s own lips as they part, allowing lethal fangs to sink into hot flesh coursing with life itself. The taking of that life swallow by swallow while twisting love’s caress into a battle with death and the eternal dance of predator and prey.

How could the wielder of a chainsaw or a bullet or even a blade experience anything remotely like killing something with the weapons nature bestowed upon you? They won’t feel the life pumping across their skin or down their throats or into their souls. Their satisfaction is like that of a one-hit bong compared to mainline heroin, weak, without substance, without that all-encompassing ‘ahh’ of being sated down to your very core.

But then I thought about an even deadlier weapon than those above – the weapon of words.

Words can rip the heart apart, can wound beyond repair, can crush the very soul of their target when they are employed with skill and precision. They can cripple a lover and condemn them to a life of living hell, or worse, drive that lover into death’s welcoming embrace.

Make no mistake. Words are the deadliest weapon in any arsenal. Be sure to use them wisely.

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I'd like to thank Roh Morgan for joining us today.

You can find more about her writing and books at these sites:


Debbie Christiana said...

Words are a mighty weapon, for sure. Great post!

A. F. Stewart said...

Yes, I loved Roh's take on the topic as well. Thanks for stopping by Debbie.

roh morgon said...

A big "Thank You" to host A.F. Stewart and her blog for showcasing women and their works as part of Wendy Howard's Women in Horror Month Blog Talks.

Blogs are what gave me an intro into the writing world when I first started. I owe much of my early development as a writer to those bloggers whose topics ranged from getting published to the craft itself. Though I've been absent from the blogosphere much of the last few years, this event has motivated me to revive my own blog and spend a little less time on other social media.

I'd also like to thank Wendy for organizing this fantastic event. I look forward to reading the other posts in this series.

On a last note, this evening I will contact all the commenters for their email addresses so I can send them their free book.

Happy Women in Horror Month!

Winnie Jean Howard said...

Love you contribution today, Roh. So chilling. Great to hear this event has inspired you to revive your blog. I'm having loads of fun planning it and hope it goes well so we can do it again next year.

NachingK said...

You are so right. Words can cut one to the quick and tear a new one. For a writer, they're the greatest weapon of all. Great post!

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