Friday, 10 February 2017

Book Spotlight: Pray Lied Eve 2: Further Tales of the Untoward

Today I have another book spotlight for you, a collection of horror short stories, Pray Lied Eve 2: Further Tales of the Untoward by Lydia Peever. Enjoy!

Pray Lied Eve 2: Further Tales of the Untoward by Lydia Peever.

Short tales of confusion, fear, and hopelessness. Horror, weird tales, quiet stories of the supernatural... call them what you will, these six stories serve as a following to the first three dark offerings of Pray Lied Eve. This second installment in the series is longer and delves more deeply into realms perhaps best left undisturbed. Sadness, thoughts of revenge, scenes of torture; many people find themselves exploring these things alone so Pray Lied Eve will offer to be your guide. Have your mirror image ruined, and all sense of safety in your home with The Ringer. Explore the madness of the carnival after dark with Jack and the Box. Halloween Hopscotch sounds fun, but when everyone knows what you've done... or simply ignore the atrocities of the past and visit Midway Park. Witness nightmares come alive during the Widow’s Wake, and then leave it all As Is, Where Is.

You can find Pray Lied Eve 2 on Amazon 

For those that prefer the paperback, an ebook download is available free with purchase, so you will get the best of both worlds!

Author Bio:

Lydia Peever is a horror author, podcast voice and journalist from Ontario, Canada. She is a big fan of horror music, books and film so anywhere there is blood, you will probably find her lurking somewhere in the corner. Find more on her site at or listen in at

Her Amazon Page:

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