Monday 11 January 2010

Poetry to Whet Your Appetite

A Book Review by A. F. Stewart:

Take Out from the Writer’s Café by Rie Sheridan Rose.

Succulent, sweet and tangy, such descriptive words capture the essence of the poems in Take Out from the Writer’s Café the wonderful book by Rie Sheridan Rose.
The verse entwines itself along the pages, weaving a mellow, gentle flavour, constructing an inspired atmosphere. Each poem is a visual delight, evoking luscious scenes in vivid reflections, building panoramas with emotions, memories and subtle colors of stardust.
“A heavy lace shawl
cast aside by Titania
on a moonlit stroll...”
The book is divided into several sections, all listed under the heading, Menu. In Appetizers, you are served tiny, savoury bites; in Salads, more chewy fare, with a touch of tang; in Classics, you receive literary nourishment to sink your teeth into; Entrees gives you a spread of words to linger over; with the Specials, you get familiar victuals served well; Desserts ends the poetry banquet with fluffy confections.
“Wispy clouds flitting across the moon, giving me the shivers ...
 I peer through shadows of the night, ghost ships haunt the rivers.

 I seek for someone that was lost, who rode before the mast...
 I fear he comes not home to me, that life for him is past.”
Take Out from the Writer’s Café is a scrumptious book, brimming full of verse, waiting for you to feast upon. I can only give it the highest recommendation and a five star review.

You can find the book at

 Note:  A free e-copy of the book was provided by the author for review.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

You've whet my appetite, Anita. Thank you for a very good review.

Sheila Deeth said...

Sounds a really neat and inventive format for a poetry book. I like your review. Whets my appetite.

A. F. Stewart said...

Yes, the layout was cleverly done. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

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