Wednesday 27 April 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Dreams

Today on Drabble Wednesday, drift away into endless slumber, perchance to dream…


I close my eyes to dream, to slip into the peaceful oblivion of sleep. To draw calm breath, in and out, in and out, as my mind wanders through a plethora of unreality.
I welcome it.
I welcome the illusion.
I walk along a beach, the warm sand against my bare feet, like the ones I walked when I was young. The summer sun shines, a sultry breeze blows off the ocean, and I can smell the scent of wild roses and sea.
I want to stay forever.
But I wake up, to face the last day of the world.


Sleeping Beauty

No one asked me.
No one ever asked me.
I’ve been cursed, lied to, deceived, punished, imprisoned and freed, but no one ever thought about me. No one ever asked me what I thought, what I wanted.
The only time I was allowed to decide anything was in my dreams.
There I was happy. I was free.
Now they tell me I have to marry this prince. This stranger. All because he broke the curse.
Why? It makes no sense.
Asleep, I had contentment. In my prison I was safe.
Now… I’ve woken up into a nightmare.
Somebody help me.



How do you know?
When do reality and dreams become blurred?
How do you tell the difference?
I once thought the answer simple. I bet you do too.
It isn’t.
There is something in-between. A world half-in, half-out. A universe of stars and dread, of wishes and weakness. Where shadows hide monsters and mirth, demons and delight.
It’s a dark place of temptation.
A devil’s playground.
A place where nightmares are born.
But a place I love. I go there often.
But now I cannot get back.
And I’m not alone. I hear it breathing.
I fear I’m being hunted.

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Celebrating Shakespeare

We go Shakespeare again this week on Drabble Wednesday.

The Return of the Shakespeare Pirates

Prithee, tall and proud, stride the deck under the black flag of bones. Raise the cutlass and the rum and give no quarter in the battle. Huzzah, huzzah, we rule the seas. Proclaim to all the rousing cry of Pirate! Hark and give no hail, none to sail before our eyes upon the horizon. ‘Tis plunder, plunder we seek, to all we raise the cry of, Pirate!
Blow winds, fill the sails! Hie the ship forward, ever forward!
Spit cannon fire, and raid the kingdom, ungrateful wretches all!
Swing the cutlass, raise your voice, and shout the cry of, Pirate!


Another installment of the ongoing tales of Frankie and Joni…

Frankie Does Shakespeare

“Zounds! Forsooth! Is that a pie I see before me, wondrous topped with whipped cream and the reddest of cherries.”
“Huh?” I stared at Frankie, who entered the lunch room wearing tights and a weird shirt. “If you’re talking about dessert, then yes, it’s a pie.”
“Oh, marvels. My kingdom for a slice!”
“Help yourself.” Then it dawns. “Practicing for the virtual Shakespeare Festival, I take it?”
He eagerly cuts a slice of pie and pops a forkful in his mouth, before spitting it out. “Oh, that’s rhubarb. I hate rhubarb.”
I smile. “Methinks you doth protest, too much.”


This drabble’s a bit different. Tweets from Shakespeare…

Shakespeare Tweets!

To be a One Direction fan, or not to be: that is the question.
All the world's a stage for the Kardashians.
Now is the Winter is Coming of our discontent. #GameofThrones
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, on Facebook. #RIPYorick
Is this a #selfie which I see before me? Oh, most egregious selfie.
Something wicked this way comes. #EvilQueen
Seeking the food he eats. Checkth out this wondrous lunch!
Lies told by an idiot, full of sound and fury! Taketh that you troll!
Write till your ink be dry…  write sorrow on the bosom of the earth #amwriting

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved
with thanks to William Shakespeare

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Book Spotlight: Kovu: Part One by Kenneth Fultz Jr.

Today I bring a book spotlight for the manga style, fantasy book, Kovu: Part One by Kenneth Fultz Jr.

Kovu: Part One by Kenneth Fultz Jr.

A dethroned prince must gather the ten rings of the kings to save his people from the corruption of the rich and powerful.

Kovu starts out as the proud prince to the throne of Eden. However he soon discovers the corrupt truth about his kingdom when he sneaks out of the palace. In a fit of rage he leaves his home, being determined to become the people’s king while his brother Dayo acts as his spy inside the court. Kovu soon learns about the Rings of the Kings and their power to make the greatest king that ever existed. Can he save his country or is that just a fantasy?

Kovu: Part One is available at


The sounds of battle clearly sung in the air from the palace courtyard.  A double edge blade swung down in an arch.
A young man with white hair stumbled back.
A short sword came swinging down after him.  The teen swiftly blocked with his own sword. His muscles shook while he tried to push his opponent’s blade away.
His jaw clenched. His eyes became as hard as steel. He slid his blade down against the hilt of the second sword. He took up a strong stance and slammed his open palm into the chest of his opponent.
The young man's instructor stumbled back and tripped over a loose stone on the palace’s practice ground. He crashed down onto his back, letting out a grunt from the pain that radiated throughout his body.
The instructor opened his eyes slowly only to be met by the point of a blade. Light sparkled off the golden, steel blade his student held. The man bowed his head in defeat. “It seems I’ve lost this round, my prince.”
The teen put away his sword and reached his hand out for his instructor to grab. “Just call me Kovu.” The boy was the image of perfection at his tender age of eighteen. His light brown skin worked well with his lean muscular figure. A dashing face that simmered with his strong tan brown eyes. His white hair spiked upward to the left. The prince's clothes a pure white trimmed in gold held by golden pins embedded with blue jewels. A brilliant royal blue sash wrapped over his front and left shoulder. A brown leather belt tied over his waist that was further decorated in jewels and gold along with a scabbard that was colored in blue, brown and gold. Lastly he had on strap sandals.  
His instructor, Abdul took the young prince’s hand and was helped back onto his feet.
Hands slowly clapped together, getting both men’s attention. “Nice work.” Prince Dayo sat on the steps on the right side of the grounds. The courtyard made from marble tiles with stone steps that lead into the archways decorated in beautiful statues throughout. Dayo applauded the scene with a big smile on his face. “Wouldn’t expect anything less.”
Prince Dayo a year younger than his brother possessed a larger frame  of muscle than his elder. His fearsome light brown eyes shined out from his darker skin. The boy could be considered equally as handsome as the older. His black hair spiked backward with a streak of white on the right side. Slender strains fell over his forehead that further added to his presence. His tight black shirt and shorts clung to his rugged body. Golden bands tightly fit just above his wrist along with a band of his right upper arm. Golden plated sandals like greaves were strapped to his legs. A golden brown pleated warrior skirt was wrapped around his waist like a belt.
Abdul fully faced the second prince. “Prince Dayo, how long have you been there?”
Dayo dropped his hands into this lap. “Oh, so now I’m invisible to you?”

Book Trailer

Author Bio:

Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. born in Columbus, Ohio. Since a child had a strong interest in both anime and writing. Kenneth's first novella, "Warriors of Matrimony", dealt with gender roles and marriage while his second book "Destruction of Sweet Creation" deals with how relationships shape who we are and the image of age. Kenneth plans to get into turning his stories into graphic novels at a later date.              

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Unexpected Apocalypse

It’s the end of the world again on Drabble Wednesday...


Apparently it snowed when I wasn't looking.
Literally everywhere in the  world.
The entire planet’s covered in a blanket of white, and temperatures have dropped below freezing. It happened here overnight. The sun set on a beautiful summer day and the next morning I opened the curtains to winter. Other places saw it coming. The news is full of speculation and people are freaking.
Me, I dug my parka and snow boots out of the closet, and checked the generator. The storm cellar’s full of provisions and I’m all set.
Guess being a survivalist ain’t so crazy after all.


Split Second

One small second.
Until it is slowed, broken down into eternity.
Then it lasts a lifetime. A thousand lifetimes.
Spun out like cotton candy unraveled.
I am glad of that.
This moment should last, as long as possible.
It is a fleeting monument to hubris, guilt and regrets. It is my duty to value this transitory instant, to hold it, walk through it, study it, as the universe unspools.
The consequence is mine. I knew the risks when I threw the switch.
I knew the world, the universe could burn, that time itself could cease.
And now it has.


Wave Goodbye

We never listened.
We had warnings. We had so many warnings. But we ignored all of them. Took everything for granted. Thought we were so superior.
But we’re not.
We never were.
Now we pay for our arrogance.
Now we wait.
The end will come differently, depending where you lived on this earth. Some areas are in drought, some experienced earthquakes, volcanic activity hit other places.
Me, I’m waiting to drown. The already high water levels are about to experience a super tsunami. No way to outrun it in time.
So I wait to die.
No one gets out alive.

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

Sunday 10 April 2016

#‎B2BCYCON Interview With Author Ed Ireland

Today we sadly come to the end of the Brain to Books Cyber Convention author features. But you can still catch the last exciting day of this great event for authors and readers alike on Goodreads, so be sure to pop on by. 

Be sure to check out all the fun here:

Now on with the main event, our Brain to Books author feature.

Today I have a great interview with fantasy author Ed Ireland.

Interview With Ed Ireland

Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.

Alright. I started out life as a child, and then moved very slowly towards adulthood. Eventually I’ll reach it if time doesn’t run out on me first. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and am currently live in Miami. I’m on my second marriage with a child from each. I’m stuck in the hippie years as far as musical tastes go, am a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan and a self-confessed video game junkie. I am also one of those people that believe in animal rights.

How long have you been writing, and how many books have you published to date?

I’m actually a late bloomer. I would love to tell you that I wrote my first novel at 3 but it just wouldn’t be true. I actually started writing in my forties. I was so horrible back then. My first book went through about 15 years’ worth of editing. I’m currently sitting at 8 books. 7 are still self-published, but 1 has been republished under Snow Leopard Publishing. I expect to eventually send all of my books to them.

Of all the books you've written, do you have a favourite?

I do. Oddly enough, it’s a book that was an experiment…gone horribly wrong. I wanted to give a first person perspective and decided for some odd reason that having a dual first person would be even better. It’s a great story in the historical fiction genre called Crime Scene. It’s a fictionalized account of the mafia tie to the Kennedy assassination as told through a Philly gangster and his younger partner, a Dallas gangster. I do plan on returning to it and fixing it because it’s such a great story.

You write in several genres. Do you have a favourite? And if so, why?

My favorite is always fantasy. It’s the one genre that allows a writer to stretch as far as he or she can. I think it’s a favorite among readers because it forces them to use a part of their imagination that they only used in their childhood. Take a murder mystery…if I say “Mike shot his berretta from the hip, dropping Mr. Chin in his tracks”, everybody has seen a gun, has seen that scene a million times. If I write about a new race, or a new creature, with no references to draw on, we have to reach way back to that childhood imagination. Personally, I think it makes readers feel young again and that’s always a good thing.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

HA! I’m still not sure that I am a writer or if I want to be one. I guess, if my book should somehow become a NY Times bestseller, I’d grudgingly accept the title. Better yet, if it gets me a new house, then I’ll absolutely take it. As for writing, I just have all these things demanding I listen and this really pushy muse named Marisol that keeps threatening me with brain damage if I don’t write.

Can you tell us about your writing process? Where do your ideas originate? Do you have a certain writing routine?

My process is fairly simple. Marisol directs me to the chair, lights her cigar (yes, she’s that weird) and tells me to write. On my side of the coin, if I don’t perform my ritual, then I don’t write and we fume at each other all day. My ritual is a steaming hot cup of Bigelow’s Earl Grey Tea and four Chips Ahoy cookies. Not 3, not 5…4. Yes, I’m that weird. Once that’s done, I’m ready to go. My ideas come from a million places and the pocketful of scribbled notes that I jot down as things come to me. I also have a sub-folder in my books folder that has future concepts because god forbid Marisol lets me finish one thing before she starts something else.

What do you like to do when you're not writing? Any hobbies?

Well, as I am supporting habits like sleeping indoors and eating regularly, I have my day job. I’m a cabinetmaker so I do love working with wood. The more complex a project, the happier I am. Since that pays the bills I guess it’s not a hobby. I love to cook, specializing in Italian. Don’t let my last name fool you. My step-father adopted me. My family name is Rizzo. I also love to get down and dirty in the garden with vegetable plants. Flowers are pretty, but you can’t eat them. And then, there is the nasty video game habit I referred to earlier.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest book?

Well, hopefully it’s available by the time the Brain To Books Cyber Con is in session. The title is The Last Ranger of Sarn. It’s the first book in my Journals of the Huntress series. It follows a young girl named Vespias Firstlight as she makes her way from carefree youth into troubled adolescence. Just when things seem to be fixing themselves, her lands come under attack by a mysterious warrior and his army of the undead. To compound matters, the mortal enemies of her race approach her, calling for a truce. It seems that she is the chosen one in an ancient prophecy that will save both races from destruction and reunite them.
The story is filled with action, adventure and everything else you expect from high fantasy. It also has the undertones of horror with the plague-born undead. There’s also the romantic love story that follows the heroine. I’ve had readers say it’s a love story against a background of war and others that reverse it as a war story against a love background. I think it has elements that will appeal to a vastly different group of people and they will all take their own views with them.

What’s your next project? Any upcoming book secrets you care to reveal?

As I have said, I’ll be releasing all of my books through Snow Leopard so that means Book 2 in the Huntress series, Blood Moon Sacrifice is already written. There is another high fantasy piece, The Chronicles of the Free People Trilogy that will be going out with them as well. My current projects are a bit varied. I’m working on a cookbook of all things, tentatively called The South Philly Smartass Guide To Good Italian Cooking. I recently met a person with an extraordinary narcissistic complex which gave me the idea for another crime drama called Foremost Authority. Then of course, there is the third book in the Huntress series. It’s entitled The Broken King and it’s a dandy so far. 

Author Bio:

Ed Ireland was born in Philadelphia on September 29, 1954. In January of 1955, the hospital he was born in was torn down. Presumably, they didn’t want anything like that happening again. His adolescence was shaped in Catholic school where the proper use of the common language was the only thing that mattered to the short but strong nuns.
In 1972 he joined the military where his wanderlust surfaced. He has since called many places home such as Texas, California, Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania New Jersey, New York and North Carolina while on his way to his current home in Miami, Florida. He claims his penchant for wandering is now at an end here in the shadows of Hemmingway.
Along this great and wondrous trip he has collected memories of some of the most beautiful scenery this country has to offer. He has also met a veritable kaleidoscope of colorful characters that make up the tapestry of his work. Along with his scenic visions, each character in his works carries some part of people he has known in his life, both good and bad.
On the personal side of his life, he is the proud father of two, a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan, a self-confessed video game addict and a proud supporter of wildlife issues. His particular issue is support for the wolf programs across the country. He encourages support for these magnificent animals and donates a portion of each sale to
Author Links

I'd like to thank Ed Ireland for stopping by today, and be sure to check out his virtual booth at the convention this weekend.

Saturday 9 April 2016

#‎B2BCYCON‬ Book Spotlight for Demetrius (New Vampire Disorder Book 1)

Today I have another Brain to Books Cyber Convention author feature. Remember, this great event for authors and readers alike is happening this weekend on Goodreads through April 8th, 9th and 10th.

Be sure to check out all the fun here:
Brain to Books Cyber Convention

Now on with the main event, our Brain to Books author feature.

Today I have a great book spotlight on the paranormal romance, Demetrius (New Vampire Disorder Book 1) by Marie Johnston

Demetrius (New Vampire Disorder Book 1) by Marie Johnston

As if overthrowing the vampire government and helping implement a new council to make vampires, shifters, and hybrids play nice wasn’t enough, Demetrius Devereux finds a bigger problem to deal with in an innocent, stubborn, and privileged beauty.
Callista Augustus is the over-protected daughter of a once-powerful vampire leader. Discovering her desperate father has tapped into a well of pure evil, Calli swallows her sense of betrayal and turns him in. She almost regrets it when she meets the infamous and arrogant Demetrius. Forcing herself to work with the male who ruined her family, Calli’s only concern is saving her father.
When Demetrius gets past the infuriating personality of the righteous female, he realizes Calli’s the one in great danger. He gives her his help out of duty, until it becomes clear that if he loses her, he loses everything.   

Demetrius (New Vampire Disorder Book 1) is available at:

Author Bio:

Marie Johnston lives in the upper-Midwest with her husband, four kids, and an old cat. Deciding to trade in her lab coat for a laptop, she’s writing down all the tales she’s been making up in her head for years. An avid reader of paranormal romance, these are the stories hanging out and waiting to be told between the demands of work, home, and the endless chauffeuring that comes with children.

I'd like to thank Marie Johnston for sharing her book today, and be sure to check out her virtual booth at the convention this weekend.

Friday 8 April 2016

#‎B2BCYCON Interview With Author Angela B. Chrysler

Today I have another Brain to Books Cyber Convention author feature. Remember, this great event for authors and readers alike is happening this weekend on Goodreads through April 8th, 9th and 10th.

Be sure to check out all the fun here:

Now on with the main event, our Brain to Books author feature.

To kick off the convention weekend, I have an extra special guest, fantasy author Angela B. Chrysler who is the owner and founder of Brain to Books and our esteemed host for the Brain to Books Cyber Convention.

 Interview with Angela B. Chrysler 

Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.

I am Angela B. Chrysler, owner and founder of Brain to Books and author of three publications: the fantasy series, Dolor and Shadow (Tales of the Drui Book #1), a romance Anthology Amor Vincit Omnia, and a psychological thriller styled memoir, Broken.
I raise my three children in New York with my husband surrounded by gardens. On my off working hours, I embrace my not-so-inner nerd and “geek out” with D&D, zombies, anime, Dr. Who, and Star Trek. When I need my quiet time, I consult my cross-stitch, cats, and gardens.

Could you tell us a bit about your books?

My latest book is Broken, which is a memoir that reads more like a fiction novel while delving into the philosophy and psychology of a trauma survivor. My most recent project is a sequel to my first book, Dolor and Shadow (Tales of the Drui Book #1). The fantasy revolves around a flame throwing witch who has to team up with her enemy to escape the gods who hunt her. On the run, she uncovers a blanket of lies that hides her past and her enemy picks up a power on par with hers.

Of all the books you've written, do you have a favourite?

Yes! This would have to be Fire and Lies (Tales of the Drui Book #2) due to release 2016. The introductions are over so I can just fly through the adventure without stopping to talk about back story or filler, which was a challenge with Dolor and Shadow. I had to give readers need-to-know information without boring them.

Why did you decide to write in the fantasy genre?

This question is weird for me. I didn’t wake up one day and consciously choose fantasy. When I began writing Tales of the Drui, I had no idea I was a nerd. I had planned on writing a romance, but… I knew the story didn’t meet its potential as a romance. When I was done with the first draft—when I realized I had multiple elf-clans, giants, shape shifters, witches, gods and goddesses, Dwarves, and magic—I still didn’t think of it as a fantasy.
It was my husband, a sci-fi/fantasy reader, who told me it was fantasy. Once I realized that, I embraced what it was and went all out. I like to think Fantasy found me. *laughing* I even used Dungeons and Dragons as a starting point for Kallan and still didn’t recognize fantasy. 

What is the hardest part of writing fantasy fiction?

The hardest part was and is maintaining the level of imagery—which is expected of the genre—knowing a number of readers are going to hate it. I adore the imagery, but something about me or my writing—I really don’t know which—attracts readers who strongly dislike imagery. So, either I REALLY over did it on the imagery in my books, or my books keep finding the wrong sort of reader. *smile* I’m not sure yet, but am curious who finds me along the way.

What do you enjoy most about writing in the fantasy genre?

The detail! Fantasy is a genre that allows, welcomes, and encourages the deeper writing. I like a book that is slow to reveal its secrets. You meet the characters and their problems, but such things are only petty trifles in comparison to the real problem that lies beneath. With fantasy, you can go all out. It also allows me the freedom to tap into my areas of study such as history, weaponry, and linguistics.  

You write in several genres. Do you have a favourite?

The short answer on this is Fantasy because I can truly go all out with Fantasy. But the more complex answer is, I don’t write in multiple genres. I write “macabre.” Sometimes I write dark romance, dark fantasy, dark memoir, dark humor. So, for me, I only ever write macabre. My stories are all dirty, gritty, and honest. Children die, torture happens, women are raped, death happens, and I don’t sugar coat anything. I’ve survived some real horrors and know how to tap into that part of my life and bring it out in my writing… no matter what genre I write.

Who is your intended readership?

My intended readers! This is a question I savor. Joss Whedon fans! Nerds! Me! The kind of reader who wallows in historical accuracy, riddles, deep reading, and good ol’ sexual tension without it being the focal point… these are the readers I am looking for. 
I love a long book that gives me a good run with a character… like Les Miserable did. I love books where you know there is something more that the author isn’t telling you, but in book #1, you can only sense it. And you know it’s going to be big. I love ending a book and having a plethora of questions left without answers. I’m still wanting to know what it was Dudley saw in Book #5 when he saw the Dementor. I’m still waiting for that answer. And I love it! Life doesn’t give you answers. There will always be something you will want to know. I love seeing this in books I read. Expect to see this in the books I write.  
My most outspoken fans are Norse and Viking enthusiasts, nerds, Whovians, Trekkies, psychologists, and historians. 
Readers who strongly dislike my writing are romance readers, light readers, or books that are simply fun to read and don’t require much thought. The reader who reads to unwind over a simple sweet story and wants it tied up in the end with no complications… these readers do not enjoy my books.

Are there particular challenges in writing for your core readership?

My hardest challenge is guesstimating what my readers want and being sure I give it to them. Readers are a very quiet kind of people *gentle smile* As a result, I have to rely on only what I like and trust that there are others out there who like what I like.
The challenge I have is I like a lot of different things. Many times, what two things I like contrast each other. Like ballet dancing and zombie slaying. Yep! That’s me! Everything I write is so serious and deep… and so insanely nerdy! My genres span a wide range. From psychology and philosophy to Zombies From Space vs. Vampires. (that’s a real thing I’m writing. You can read it on my site). So I attract a lot of psychologists to my site. But then they walk into a site possibly expecting serious (I hope not) and instead find a fantasy realm where zombie brains cover the floor while I battle Bergen for ownership over my blog.
Or I have nerd lovers coming to the site to catch up on my D&D fan-fiction and they run into Unbreaking Me, the online therapy journal I’m writing as a sequel to Broken.
So my greatest challenge? Keeping my dedicated readers and patient fans happy on both spectrums, and doing my best to help them find what they need.

What’s your next project? Any upcoming book secrets you care to reveal?

I am working on Fire and Lies (Tales of the Drui Book #2), which is really Part #2 of Dolor and Shadow and picks up right where Kallan and Rune left off. They’ve made it through Midgard and enter Alfheim where the stakes are higher than ever. The Fae goddess becomes more unpredictable. Kallan’s advisor becomes more desperate to keep Kallan away from the Fae goddess.
As much as Dolor and Shadow is like watching seven strings being woven together, Fire and Lies is like watching those strings all pulled taut, knowing they will break… but not knowing which ones will go first. In Fire and Lies, you get to see the first line snap and the devastation that follows.
The book cover reveal is scheduled for 8 April 2016.

Learn more at…

Dolor and Shadow

As the elven city burns, Princess Kallan is taken to Alfheim while a great power begins to awaken within her. Desperate to keep the child hidden, her abilities are suppressed and her memory erased. But the gods have powers as well, and it is only a matter of time before they find the child again.
When Kallan, the elven witch, Queen of Lorlenalin, fails to save her dying father, she inherits her father’s war and vows revenge on the one man she believes is responsible: Rune, King of Gunir. But the gods are relentless, and when a twist of fate puts Kallan into the protection of the man she has sworn to kill, Rune obtains a power he does not understand.
From Alfheim, to Jotunheim, and then lost in the world of Men, these two must form an alliance to make their way home, and try to solve the lies of the past and of the Shadow that hunts them all.


And Death it calls as the stone crow breaks. Streaks of blood malform its face. Death becomes its withered eyes and the shadows whisper, “Lies.”
When a young journalist, William D. Shaw, seeks out Elizabeth, an acclaimed author, in hopes to write her biography, the recluse grants him twenty-four hours to hear her story. What unfolds are events that teeter on the edge of macabre and a psychological thriller.
While toggling the lines of insanity, Elizabeth examines her past filled with neglect, rape, abuse, torture, and pedophilia. The more Elizabeth delves into her psyche, the more William witnesses the multiple mental conditions Elizabeth developed to cope with a life without love, comfort, protection, trust, physical human contact, affection, therapy, or medication.
With the use of existentialism, I wrote Broken in an attempt to philosophical determine what I had become and why. Instead, I found the awareness I needed to seek help. Broken is the road map I took to arrive at “Awareness” and seek medical attention.

Author Bio:

Angela B. Chrysler is a writer, logician, philosopher, and die-hard nerd who studies theology, historical linguistics, music composition, and medieval European history in New York with a dry sense of humor and an unusual sense of sarcasm. She lives in a garden with her family and cats.
While writing, Ms. Chrysler fuzzies her cats and survives on coffee, Guinness, and the writings of Edgar Allan Poe who strongly influences her style to this day. When she is not writing, she enables her addictions to all things nerdy, and reads everything she can get her hands on no matter the genre. Occasionally, she finds time to garden, mother her three children, and debate with her life-long friend who she eventually married.

I'd like to thank Angela B. Chrysler for stopping by today, and be sure to check out her virtual booth at the convention this weekend.

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