Thursday 16 May 2019

OWSCyCon Blog Tour: Horror, Vampires, and the Darkness Within

What if your neighbour was a vampire?

That is the premise that began the story I tell in my novella, Chronicles of the Undead. What if that charming, sophisticated pair next door hid evil secrets, did horrific things behind closed doors. What if they were killers?

How would you react? Would you reject the darkness or embrace it?

Those were the questions I posed to my three protagonists in the book, as the vampires they encounter become part of their social circle, reveal their secrets and make them all differing offers of alliance and friendship.

The novella explores not only the darkness of the vampires but the darkness in the hearts of the human characters as well. Temptations prove too much, choices are made in the name of obsession, and determination blooms to end the madness.

This inner turmoil is all set against the backdrop of Georgian England when superstition and old belief was giving way to modern science and yet the primal still called within souls...

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