Friday 13 March 2009

Chronicles of the Undead back on

My book, Chronicles of the Undead has its buy buttons back on its page!

So, once again, it can be downloaded in the PDF version (or purchased in print form if you would rather buy from Lulu instead of

I am happy.

Check it out: Chronicles of the Undead

Saturday 7 March 2009

Book Review: Stir, Laugh, Repeat: Finding Joy While Playing in the Kitchen

My review of the cookbook, Stir, Laugh, Repeat, by Martha A. Cheves:

Stir, Laugh, Repeat by Martha A. Cheves is an old-fashioned cookbook, full of recipes like your mother used to make; the recipes are practical, easy and made with everyday ingredients. This is not a book filled with overly fancy, posh recipes that will break the budget; this Martha writes for the ordinary, everyday cook.

The book has a simple layout, easy to understand instructions and is filled with appetizing recipes; the author’s culinary art is a lovely hodgepodge of sweets, dinners, veggie dishes and tasty nibbles. You get a range of yummy dessert delights from Banana Pudding to Key Lime Pie and mouth-watering main meals such as Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Sausage or Baked Spaghetti. And peppered throughout the book are assorted savouries such as Creamy Potato Salad, Meatloaf Muffins, Sticky Biscuits, and Monkey Bread.

Each recipe comes accompanied with a helpful and engaging explanation, with comments and background any cook can appreciate, and some come with useful tips and variations. They are not excessively time consuming, and easily lend themselves to adaptation (a beneficial thing when you have dietary restrictions as I do).
Stir, Laugh, Repeat is an excellent cookbook, for beginner cooks to the more experienced, and one I recommend.

Book Links for Stir, Laugh, Repeat:

Martha A. Cheves currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her daughters, son and grandchildren all enjoy her home cooking. "Cooking for me, always came easy....writing a cookbook, on the other hand was a bit more of a challenge than I expected!"


Wednesday 4 March 2009

The Last Two Tour Stops Today

Sad to say my blog tour ends today, but it ends with a two stop flourish.

First, the spotlight falls on my book, Chronicles of the Undead, as it is featured at Authors Promoting Authors with a short excerpt for your reading pleasure.
(note: Authors Promoting Authors asks guests to exchange spotlights, so please be kind and check out my blog entry from yesterday: Book Spotlight: Vital Signs of Recovery)

And you can also read a few more tidbits about me in my latest interview at Writing Space

I hope everyone has enjoyed my ramblings, and I like to thank everyone who kindly allowed me the privilege to guest on their blogs, it was much appreciated.

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Book Spotlight: Vital Signs of Recovery by Linda K. Rudder

A first for this blog as I put the spotlight on the book, Vital Signs of Recovery, by author Linda K. Rudder.

I was “Released on my own Recognizance,” so to speak, on July 6, 1957.

It seems I began running up an insurmountable emotional debt almost immediately upon my arrival. I tried to coerce everyone in my life into making the payments. Imagine, if you will, the proverbial beggar. In a tattered, dirty overcoat, tin cup in outstretched hand, dark glasses perched on a forlorn weathered face- the epitome of desperation.
Now, try to mentally impinge the frame of a five-year-old little girl who’s curly blond ringlets fall around a face housing big brown eyes, hidden behind the dark oversized glasses. The coat hangs like a drape, while a chubby hand barely emerges from the wrinkles of too-long sleeves, which pile around the cup it clutches.
That was me…no less pathetic, contrived in charm, and much more effective in getting my cup filled to a sometimes overflow of imposed upon compassion. However, when filled, it was never enough and when it overflowed, it was always wasted.
My approval addiction.

Vital Signs of Recovery is a ministry to all who endeavor to exchange the bondage of fleshly limits with the bounty of spiritual desires.


To Learn More About Linda K. Rudder and Her Work Visit:

Monday 2 March 2009

Blog Tour Updates and Announcements.

Tour Update:
Check out the interview with my other vampire, Henri Forain, at Pat Bertram Introduces...

I've joined the site fReado, where you can read an excerpt of Chronicles of the Undead. There are other wonderful book previews to check out as well, so stop by.

I also wanted to mention the ezine Storytime Tapestry (run by Carol Roach) has moved over to Yahoo Groups. So if you were a member, or would like to check it out, that's where to go.

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