Thursday 17 January 2013

Come Join the Bloody Valentine Blog Hop!

This February 14th I'm hosting a trash Valentine's Day blog hop. For one day writers and bloggers will dispense with the sappy romance and show you the bad side of love. Come be part of the fun!

We will be celebrating heartbreak, love gone wrong, romantic mayhem and tragedy, hopefully with that little splash of humour and blood.  There will also be prizes to be won, so sign up to be a participant or mark it on your calender.  

If you wish to be one of our bloggers, please click over to the Linky List and sign up. You can also put the list on your own blog by getting a copy of the code (it's the easiest way for people to find all the hoppers come Feb 14th).

The Hop is Now Ended.
Here's a List of the bloggers who participated:

Wednesday 9 January 2013

A Rewarding Mystery: A Review of Old Loves Die Hard

My Book Review of Old Loves Die Hard by Lauren Carr:

The second book in the Mac Faraday mystery series, Old Loves Die Hard by Lauren Carr is just as enjoyable as the first. It is another satisfying murder mystery chock full of fascinating characters.

This time around, Mac Faraday’s ex-wife comes calling, bringing a lot of old baggage and some dead bodies, including hers. Mac becomes a suspect in his ex-wife’s murder, but ends up investigating the killing. He delves into his past, both personal and professional, to find answers and the killer.

The charm of the first book remains consistent in Old Loves Die Hard, with its compelling main character the strongest asset of the novel. The author provides a nice bit of character development as well, in both the ongoing relationship between Mac and Archie and insight into his previous marriage. The well-rounded characterization is astutely managed.

The plot is solid as well, spinning several threads and then pulling them into a nice tight conclusion. Several suspects are juggled nicely until the final reveal, which provides an interesting, and fateful denouement.

Overall, I can recommend Old Loves Die Hard, as a gratifying murder mystery and a great read.   

You can find Old Loves Die Hard and the rest of the Mac Faraday on Amazon.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

My Top Five Books of 2012

Last year (hmmm, it seems like only yesterday) I suffered from "review interruptus" from the month of May onward so I don't have a huge selection of books reviews to choose from. For that reason I went with a Top Five list this time (plus three honourable mentions) instead of a Top Ten. Now on to the List, drum roll please...

My Top Five Books of 2012:

Honourable Mentions:


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