Guest Post Guidelines

If you are an author or writer of genre fiction looking for a guest post, drop me a request by clicking: Contact me but first please read and follow these guidelines:

Please Note: I don't feature giveaways, unless they are part of an interview or a guest post, and I no longer take review requests. I do not promote any products other than books.

Guest Posts:

I am not looking for guest posters interested in SEO, backlinks or simply looking to advertise. I only accept guest posts from fiction authors/writers, or people in writing-related fields such as publishing, editing, or cover design.  If you have a topic on fiction writing, book publishing, or the fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi/horror genres that you would like to appear on my blog, feel free to email me.  I prefer original material, but I will consider previously published material as long as you have the right to post it and it has not been recycled onto multiple sites.

Email me a request detailing your topic (please don't ask me to choose a topic for you) and put the words "guest post" in the subject line, and any links you think might be relevant.

I'm also willing to play host for blog tours, if you're in need.

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