Thursday 21 December 2017

Book Spotlight: Even Gods Have Midlife Crises

Today I have a Christmas treat with a book spotlight for the sci-fi satire, Even Gods Have Midlife Crises by N.D. Stone. Enjoy!

Even Gods Have Midlife Crises by N.D. Stone

All Yahweh wanted was a striptease, a sandwich and admiration. All he got was a near-death experience, a pious follower called Anna, and a prissy lawyer trying to sue him. When Buddha, Odin, Thor, Krishna and Hephaestus, Yahweh's divine colleagues, catch wind of his illegal voyage back to Earth, the adventures of him and Anna become dangerous. How long can he risk the safety of not only Anna, but all of London in his quest to relive his youth? Are crisps the currency of the future? Why are gods so unbearably hungry for power, and will Buddha satisfy his hunger for doughnuts, the forbidden fruit of modern Prâwth, the home of the gods?

Never before have gods seemed so utterly human. A light-hearted and whimsical science fiction satire.

Even Gods Have Midlife Crises is available at:

About the Author

N.D. Stone is a young novelist, "Even Gods Have Midlife Crises" being his debut work. Although he has been writing novels since even before he himself was able to write (his mother was not a fan of his trashy vampire fiction), Stone started writing his first serious novel in early 2014. Stone has also dabbled in Stand-Up Comedy and Slam Poetry, but, above anything else, he loves writing satire novels.

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