Monday 21 June 2010

Romancing a Mystery: Old-Fashioned Romantic Fun

A Review of Romancing a Mystery:

Romancing a Mystery by Evelyn Cullet is a slightly wacky, screwball romance wrapped in the flavour of a mystery novel. It’s charming, light and a breezy read.

The novel tells the misadventures of Charlotte, Jane and Erin as the three embark on a vacation in the English countryside. A few wrong turns land them at an Earl’s manor house, where they become unexpected houseguests when Erin becomes ill. Sparks fly between Charlotte and the somewhat older Earl of Bredon, while Jane pursues the Earl's son, Peter. Add in a backdrop of an unsolved murder mystery with some minor mayhem, and romantic amusement ensues.

Romancing a Mystery is a solid, entertaining book, giving you just what you would want from a romantic novel. You get handsome men, plucky (if somewhat nutty) heroines and an appealing setting. The plot is fluffy, but straightforward, delivering the right notes where needed, pulling you into the story.

The characters are nicely rendered, generally coming across as real people, although there are one or two places where common sense -and manners- are stretched a tad. You do feel as if you might know these people and I have to say I loved the characters. However, considering some of the antics they indulge in the novel, I don’t think I would invite them to be my houseguests.

Now, the ending might not suit some, but I thought it matched the novel. The book doesn’t wrap things with a happily ever after, tied in a pink bow, but instead leaves the romance open with a promise of more to come.

I can cheerfully recommend Romancing a Mystery; it is a nice, fun book, suitable for that day at the beach or a rainy afternoon.

The book is available at, and Barnes and Noble

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