Friday 26 March 2010

Fantastic Authors, Fantastic Stories: A Review of Ménage à 20: Tales with a hook

My Review of Ménage à 20: Tales with a hook:

Ménage à 20: Tales with a hook is a collection of thirty short stories by twenty authors, who also happen to be members of the Goodreads website.  This collaborative effort has produced an eclectic, but highly enchanting compilation.

The stories vary in subject from the softly romantic, to dark fantasy, science fiction and disturbing horror, all tales ending with a twist. Their narrative tones range from creepy to sweet, everyone satisfying to read.  Captivating characters abound, to charm, enthrall, destroy and weep with you as each page turns and the scintillating prose unfolds.

I delighted in all the stories, enjoying each fresh treat presented, but The Knight and the Demon by Henry Lara, The Fine Print by Renee Miller, String of Pearls by Kate Quinn, and Letting Go by Wendy Swore were the standouts for me.  I’m sure other readers will find their own favourites.  There is certainly enough stellar fiction in this book to please and Ménage à 20 is definitely worth recommending.

As a last note, I have something to say in regards to the darkly amusing story Justice; it was cruel and unusual punishment, even for that author!  I still loved reading it, though.

You can find more information on  Ménage à 20: Tales with a hook at this website:

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Renee Miller said...

Thanks A.F. I loved that. I will bite my tongue on Justice. Okay, I felt sorry for her and I did enjoy reading it too.

String of Pearls and Letting Go were two of my absolute favorites too. Fine Print was awesome, that girl is amazing...okay. I'm not fooling anyone.

Really though, love the review.

A. F. Stewart said...

It was my pleasure to review the book. And now I have all these new authors to add to my reading list.

Rita Webb said...

Great review! Thanks, A.F.

You picked out some of my favorites from this collection.

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