Friday, 1 November 2013

The Winners Of My Coffin Hop Contests

The moment has arrived folks, drum roll please...

The Contests Winners

Okay first up the three winners of my supplementary contests:

For the free e-copy (via Smashwords) of my book, Reflections of Poetry, the winner is: Jolie Du Pre

For the free e-copy (via Smashwords) of my book, Gothic Cavalcade, the winner is: Aspen deLainey

For the free e-copy (via Smashwords) of Coffin Hop: Death by Drive-In, the winner is: Popple

And now for the Rafflecopter Contest:

1st Prize: Jeanette Jackson

2nd Prize: Sheila Deeth

3rd Prize: Skye Callahan

Congratulations to all.  I've sent out emails to the Rafflecopter winners already, and will be in touch with the rest shortly, or you can email me (you can find my email here on the blog).

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