Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Drabble Wednesday: New Year’s Eve

Here’s the strange and slightly out of this world New Year’s Eve edition of Drabble Wednesday…

A Glitch in Time

Tick, tick, tick
The sound in my head, always time tick-tocking.
Tick, tick, tick.
Shut it off! Stop the clockwork, stop the sound!
Tick, tick, tick
Something’s wrong, not right, always the noise, always the clockwork in my head.
Tick, tick, tick
Tick-tock. Goes the clock. Always in my head. Wish I were dead.
Tick, tick, tick
Make it stop! Make it stop! Make it stop!
Tick, tick, tick
What can I do? For silence, for quiet? All I want is quiet.
Tick, tick, tick
But what’s a mechanical man to do, when the clockwork is him?
Tick, tick, tick

Mystical Renewal

I watched as the crows flew past the shining moon, like flowing black ink over parchment. The lunar beauty dominated the sky, even overshadowing the darkening clouds. It was a perfect night to usher in a new year.
I poured the sanctified oil, shaping a circle in the snow, and knelt inside its confines, cold seeping into my bones. I bent my head and intoned the ritual prayer, extending my hands in supplication. For three breaths, I felt nothing, then the blessed radiance of the moon flowed into my flesh and blood. Suspended between earth and heaven before I transformed.

New Year’s Moon

~Base Dispatch News~

Well, Moon Base Alpha decked the halls for Christmas, and transformed the dining hall into a moonlight ballroom for New Year’s Eve. The party boasted a Dance Under the Stars theme with the latest holographic decorations.
Base personnel partied hard, donning festive hats and downing drinks. There were the usual indiscretions and high jinks, and chaotic excitement when Lieutenant Mills’ Flashineger Beastie got out its cage and knocked over the Orion cocktails. However, it was the midnight countdown that set everyone abuzz. No one expected our commander to bare his backside to ring in the New Year.

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