Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Drabble Wednesday: Macabre Musings

Today, on this Canada Day edition of Drabble Wednesday, I bring you some ghosts, some trains, and a tiny touch of the apocalypse…


I sit on the damp park bench, careful not to slip on the wet pavement. It’s a foggy morning full of drizzle, not any different from yesterday or the day before. The days seem to blend now, with rain and faded colours.
Still, the park is beautiful. It’s quiet, no one is here yet. The fog diffuses the morning light, giving the trees a soft, velvet look. Almost a sepia tone, like pictures my grandmother showed me.
It won’t stay this way. The scavengers, the abandoned survivors of the plague will come soon. Nevertheless…
It’s a nice place to die.

The Bridge

Why am I here?
I am standing on a bridge?
In the fog?
I am so cold…

Why am I here?
I am still on the bridge?
It is so cold.
I thought it was summer.

Why am I here?
Why is it so foggy?
Why is my dress sodden?
It is cold... so cold.

Why am I here?
I am cold… so cold… so wet…
I cannot see in this fog… wait, I believe… there are people?
Help me… oh, please, help me…

And folks, this turn of the century bridge is the next stop on our ghost tour…

Old Photos

Look at the photo.
Can you hear the train?
There’s no train in the photo you say.
I know. But it’s there, a ghost at my shoulder. I can hear it.
I can hear its forlorn whistle, the clackety clack of its wheels against the tracks, sense its rumble under my feet. I even smell its belching smoke.
I see that smile. The ramblings of an old man. I’m not crazy. The train is real. It’s haunting me.
It’s John’s old train you see. He’s never forgiven me, and now he’s coming back. Each day the train gets closer, closer…


And for an extra Canada Day treat, here’s the link to my free flash fiction short, Even the Paranormal Play Sports:

Even the Paranormal Play Sports

Things have taken a turn for the paranormal in a small corner of Canada. Set against the backdrop of a hockey game, teenager Deidre Dawson tells her strange story to a reporter.

Happy Canada Day!

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