Wednesday 8 April 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

I somehow got a mention in this Honest Scrap Award that is being passed around the blog circuit; I guess I must be doing something right. So I'm passing the honour onward.

The Rules:

1. You write an article accepting the award with a link back to the giver, a list of the rules, and a copy of the award image.
2. You add links to at least five other blogs that you consider “brilliant,” and add comments on said blogs, warning the owners that you’re sending innocent victims their way, and asking them to accept the award.
3. You list ten honest things about yourself.

1. Sheila Deeth, fellow writer and all-round nice person, bestowed the award upon my blog. Do check out her blog in return.

2. Here are my five "brilliant" blogs (or at least blogs of brilliant authors):

  • Minnette's Worlds- Real or Imagined: An excellent author of the fantasy Starsight novels as well as several historic romance novels.
  • Rhetta's Blog: A wonderful author of the non-fiction books Ghost to Coast and T’ain’t Nobody’s Business if I Do: Women Blues Singers Old and New.
  • Authors Promoting Authors: A great blog that promotes books. Well worth checking out.
  • Author's Studio: A group of authors dispensing information, advice and fun tidbits.
  • Sam Harper- Homicide: The blog of Marta Stephens' fictional detective Sam Harper. A must read.
Also worth a mention are Bertram's Blog and Murder by 4. They were already listed by other people so that's why they didn't make my list.

3. My list of 10 Honest Things:

  1. I love action movies. Even the bad ones.
  2. I am a huge Bruce Campbell fan
  3. I have phobias about snakes, heights and fire
  4. I have some artistic talent, and paint as a hobby
  5. I collect sword replicas (I've got a fascination with swords)
  6. I don't like to talk about myself
  7. I'm a total fantasy/sci-fi geek, and proud of it
  8. I detest the colour red
  9. I'm fond of hot peppers
  10. I love comic books

1 comment:

Sheila Deeth said...

You collect sword replicas! Maybe I just satisfy my need by aiding and abetting sons in collecting Warhammer models.

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