Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Drabble Wednesday: The End of Worlds

On today’s Drabble Wednesday we journey to worlds of fantasy for some divine retaliation…


His skeletal hand touched my shoulder, his tattered cloak cast its shadow around me. My hands trembled, and the sand in the hourglass I held tilted slightly. He had arrived, my sweet harbinger, my Death.
“It’s time, then?”
“Yes.” I could hear the hint of mirth in his voice.
I smiled, and tossed the hourglass.
It tumbled in freefall, the sunset rays glinting off its surface, until it smashed against the earth. A crack appeared beneath the remains, and another, as a world began to die.
We waited patiently, then Time and Death walked hand in hand through the ruins.


Blood on the snow.”
The words, from an ancient poem, came unbidden as Ryn stared at the crimson stain seeping into frozen ground. She sliced Akai's throat easily, with one practised stroke, and ended his friend’s life without hesitation. Ryn wiped away his forming tears.
“Am I the next to die?”
The dark creature in leather armour and swords smiled. “Have you also angered the gods?”
“Not to my knowledge.”
“Then your life is not forfeit to my blade.”
Ryn bowed his head as thick, inky smoke engulfed her, taking Nbea, Bringer of Death and Vengeance, back to her realm.


An auburn radiance melded into the dark storm clouds, a blend from the fiery hues of the sunset, and the reflection of the flames consuming parts of the city. The gods had judged Irytajin and deemed it imperfect.
Seri and her child, dressed in elegant, rain-soaked robes, stood atop a neglected dais, as the waters lapped ever higher on the steps. They attempted escape, until the seas slammed their boat into this temporary refuge.
Seri let go of her son’s hand, and opened her parasol. She hummed as the waters swept her boy away, and calmly waited for her turn.

Just a note: Drabble Wednesday will be preempted next week to bring you a stop on the blog tour of the new fantasy anthology, The Toll of Another Bell.  Be sure to check back for a peek at the book, and my review.

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